Saturday, January 30, 2010

Nose Job Before And After (Rhinoplasty)

** Unfortunately I am no longer accepting e-mails in regard to my rhinoplasty. The only way to get to me about my rhinoplasty is to ask your question on my Formspring (click here). However, if your question is already answered below, I will not respond to you. So please read the FAQ I have written below. I did my best to compile all the questions that were rather repetitive so hopefully some of these will answer you.

I got my procedure done at Belo Medical Group in Greenhills. My first consultation was with Dr. Ed Yap on December 21, 2009 and my procedure was on December 23. Sutures and bandages were removed about a week after the procedure, December 28. And the entire healing process took about 2-3 weeks.


Did Dr. Yap do your nose for free so you can advertise for him online?
□ Absolutely not! I cannot believe people assume this. I'm only here to share my experience, that is all.

How much was the surgery?
□ I'm unsure of the exact cost because there are other expenses besides the surgery such as the consultation, medication, check-ups prior to the surgery, etc. I would say to be in the ballpark around $2500-$3500. But you have to know that not everyone gets the same procedure done so prices will always vary from person to person.

How much was everything in total (surgery, plane ticket, lodging, etc.)?
□ I get so frustrated when people ask me this question because I can't guarantee that it will be the same for everyone. Please do your own research and do the math because I'm not the person to ask about that. And please don't ask what airline I took to get there because that will drive me crazy.

How do you feel about your nose now?
□ I love it.

Did the doctor use silicone or gortex?
□ He recommended gortex because he says that it's more flexible than silicone. Therefore, your nose would look more natural.

How long did you have the stitches/sutures on?
□ Honestly, I can't remember. I would say maybe a week.

Were you able to do normal activities?
□ Yes. As embarrassed as I was to be walking around with a face mask, I still went sightseeing and I was able to still enjoy my vacation. The only issue was that I couldn't open my mouth that wide to eat because my nose was taped up and it made my face stiff. The doctor also said to avoid swimming.

After removing the stitches was it obvious you got your nose done?
□ Yes and no. Yes because the stitches left a few scabs around my nose which had dried up blood and skin combined. I didn't want to pick it because I was afraid it would leave a scar so I covered it with makeup as best as I could.

Was your nose swollen or bruised?
□ It was swollen but it wasn't obvious. It just looked a little bit puffy. I did not bruise at all.

How long was the surgery?
□ I would say 2 hours or less. I can't remember.

What was your reaction when you first saw your new nose?
□ I was in completely shock, and that wasn't a good thing! I felt like I didn't look like myself and I almost wanted to cry. I really thought I would never look like myself again because to me I looked like a whole new different person. I didn't want to alter my looks. I just wanted to fix my nose. Then after about a day or two I was okay!

Did your nose feel hard after the surgery?
□ Yes it felt hard and at some point the tip of my nose even felt numb for a while. I assumed it was normal so I wasn't too concerned about it. Patience is key!

Is one month a good amount of time to give your nose time to heal?
□ Yes. I was in the Philippines for a month and I didn't get my nose done until half of my vacation trip was through. I think one month is more than enough time.

Did you just walk into the clinic or did you have to make an appointment?
□ Make an appointment. Call them!

Were you able to wear makeup right away?
□ The doctor never mentioned to me that I couldn't so I did!

Will wearing glasses dent your nose right after surgery?
□ Honestly I don't know. I don't think it would.

Did you bring in a picture of someone's nose that you wanted to copy?
□ My mom recommended someone but I had no idea who she was. I just trusted the doctor with his judgment and I let him do the magic.

Can you push your nose up like a piggy anymore?
□ No.

Do you feel like your nose job affected the look of your eyes?
□ If it did, it definitely affected it for the better. But I don't see any difference. When I first had it done my eyes did feel like it was being pushed together only because it was a little bit swollen and still tight in the area. But once it's settled in your face will go back to normal.

What special care did you have to do on your nose before and after the surgery?
□ Clean, clean, clean! You have to clean your nose every single day until you feel like you don't have to anymore. They gave me this certain nasal spray that you're supposed spray up your nostrils to help unclog your nose. Since you're unable to pick your nose, the spray helps loosen whatever gunk you have up there whether it's boogers, dried blood, or what have you, and drains it out. You also have to clean around where the stitches are/were to avoid any infection since they are practically open wounds.

How long after you had the stitches removed did your nose heal?
□ I would say maybe after about 3 weeks you'll start to feel comfortable with it but keep in mind it's not completely healed yet after this amount of time. To be quite honest, your nose doesn't actually "heal" until several months to a year. It takes a while for your nose to really set in. It took me more than a year for me to be able to pinch my nostrils together!

Are there any visible scars on your nose?
□ There is one very tiny scar on the side of my nostrils but it's not visible unless you're up close staring right at it. Other than that, no scars.

What exactly did the doctor do to your nose?
□ He added a more structured bridge and reconstructed my nostrils and septum to emphasize a better shape for my nose that would better suit my face. He brought my nose downward more to see less of my nostrils by adding cartilage to the tip. Cartilage was also added to the septum to help make it protrude downwards.

Were you an outpatient?
□ Yes I was an outpatient. The surgery took maybe 2 hours at the most. Once they were finished I was able to walk out with my new nose.

Were you put to sleep?
□ No.

Do you notice or feel anything different now that your nose is healed?
□ Well like I said it took about a year to finally allow myself to pinch my nostrils together so it's nice that I can finally do that now. I can't press down on my nose anymore. I probably can if I tried but I would rather not. I also noticed that my "T" zone on my face is more prone to getting oily now. I'm assuming this is because of my rhinoplasty. Maybe the skin is being stretched or pulled which is causing extra sebum on my face to produce more frequently than before since it's being "pressured". I used to never have oily skin and now I do. It bothers me sometimes but that's what touch up powder is for!

Are you afraid you might hit your nose and has it made you more cautious?
□ Yes! I am terrified of something hitting or falling on my nose. When I'm passing by a crowd I can't help but block my nose because I'm afraid someone might elbow me right in the face. I suddenly have a faster reflects now.  

Are there any bad experiences during your nose job procedure?
I had to save the best for last! I hate to get into detail about this because I don't want to alarm anyone but during my surgery the anesthesia began to wear off and for a second I actually felt the excruciating pain of the doctor working on my nose. It was the worst split second pain I've ever felt in my life. I wanted to cry but I couldn't do anything because my arms were strapped and they had my eyes taped shut. I was able to tell him that I could feel it and they were able to quickly add more anesthesia. That definitely scarred me because now I'm terrified to go under the knife unless I'm put to sleep. Also, removing the stitches was painful too. Feels like needles poking your nose!