Friday, May 29, 2009

Eyebrow Tutorial

I've gotten many requests as to how I fill in my eyebrows. I've done a post about this once before but I deleted the video because you couldn't hear me talk all that well and I don't really use that technique anymore unless I had no other choice.

If you ever remembered how I did it before, it's pretty much the same thing except I've substituted certain products. There are many ways on how to fill in your eyebrows but this is just how I like to do it. There are no right or wrong ways how to do this so you don't necessarily have to do it exactly the way I did it. But overall, I hope this tutorial helps and thanks for the request everyone! (:

What you need:
an angled brush (I used the MAC #266 brush)
a concealer brush (I prefer a thinner brush for precise application)
brow powder & wax (you don't have to use the wax, I just prefer it. I used NYC Browser)
Concealer (MAC Studio Finish Concealer in NC30)
a cotton swab is optional

Here's what my eyebrow looks like with nothing on it.
I know you can see that I've overplucked in some areas. Haha.

The first thing I do is I dip my angled brush in the wax. A little of this wax goes a long way so only apply a little bit each time. I then dip the brush in the brow powder and I draw a line on the upper part of my eyebrow till I hit the top of my arch.

It should look like this.

If needed, I apply more wax and brow powder to the brush and from the top of my arch I bring it down to the end of my eyebrow.

I repeat the last step on the lower part of my eyebrow.
(I stop only at the arch this time)

With the remaining brow powder left on the brush, I use it to fill in the rest of my eyebrows. (I DO NOT dip the brush in the wax during this step. I notice that my eyebrows will have this waxy buildup if I use it to fill it in).

This step is optional and I sometimes ignore it but sometimes I'll take a cotton swab and run it above my eyebrows to remove any excess powder. This also cleans it up and makes your eyebrows look more neat. (I don't run the cotton swab on the lower part of my eyebrow, that's what the concealer is for in the next step).

Next, I apply concealer underneath my brows. This step is also optional but it's crucial for me. I notice a big difference when I do this step. With any eyebrows, I think doing this will give your eyebrows an even cleaner look especially if you want to cover up any sparse hairs that may be growing. (Don't forget to blend out your concealer and go back with your angled brush if you need to).

And that's pretty much it!! I also apply a highlight color (MAC Nylon eyeshadow) to my brow bone especially if I decide not to wear any other eyeshadow.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

LOOK: Tropical Pink & Yellow

Yay more colorful looks! Hahah I totally meant business when I said to put away the smokey eyes. =P

My digital camera was acting all kinds of craziness and I couldn't get a good closeup shot for this look. But I hope these pictures do some justice for your visual pleasure. I think this look had more vibrancy in real life except the camera flash washed out the colors.

As much as I'd love to list out all the products I used in this look. I'm not gonna do it unless of course I get a lot of questions about it. But this look is really easy to recreate and you can use whatever colors you like. But in simple terms, I used MAC Chrome Yellow eyeshadow. You don't have to use this yellow if you don't want the look to be too vibrant. The rest of the colors I used you can find in the Coastal Scents 88 Palette. In the palette I used orange, pink, hot pink, dark pink/rose, and a plum color. For the lips I used NYX Soap Opera Queen round lipgloss. Anything else? Just let me know. (** If you do ask a question refer back to this post for the answer **)

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

LOOK: Using Eyepopping and Chrome Yellow

Thanks to those who voted on my poll. Looks like I'll be keeping this blog beauty related and I'll even throw in a couple personals on here as well. (: Maybe not too personal since I have a feeling my PARENTS read my blog. Yeah I totally just called them out but that's okay. Hehe. Hi mom & dad if you're reading this. ;P

For those who don't know, I passed all my classes this semester. Yay! (: I know I mentioned it on my Twitter and my Tumblr so I thought I'd share the celebration here on my blog. It's officially summer vacation (for the past week already) for me and it feels good to sleep in. Not that I ever had to wake up early anyway since I had afternoon classes but it feels nice waking up late and just laying there till I feel like getting up. Haha I know, I'm lazy!

But anyway, I haven't done a look in a while so I decided to play around with makeup. I realized I haven't done too many green looks that much so I figured now's the time to do that. I'm not sure if you would consider this appropriate to wear in public but why not!? Oh and the green shirt was a total coinsidence and I know it has a stain on it. Let's not point out the obvious k? Haha.

UDPP as a primary base
NYX Jumbo Eyeshadow Pencil in "Milk" all over the lid
MAC Eyepopping (LE) eyeshadow on inner corner and outer of eyelid
MAC Wondergrass (LE) eyeshadow on top of Eyepopping
MAC Chrome Yellow eyeshadow applied on middle eyelid
(** these colors were also applied to the lower lashline **)
MAC Cork eyeshadow blended above crease
a medium dark green blended into the crease (I used one from the CS56 Palette)
a dark green blended onto the outer corner (I used one from the CS88 Palette)
MAC Carbon eyeshadow blended on outer corner
MAC Nylon eyeshadow applied to browbone as highlight
K-Palette Tattoo eyeliner
MAC Smolder Eye Kohl on waterline
Ardell Lashes in "Lacies"

MAC Spaced Out blush (Neo Sci-Fi collection)

MAC Honeymoon l/s (Moonbathe collection)
MAC Crescent l/g (Moonbathe collection)

Friday, May 22, 2009

Victoria's Secret 10 for $25 sale

Heheheh I totally just posted my panties on the web. ;p

I went out to eat sushi with my girls last night and one of them had mentioned a 10 for $25 for undies at VS. I was like NO WAY! That's such a steal. Typically their prices range from around 3 for $30 or even 5 for $25. So I wasn't gonna pass this up. And you can never have too many panties! I was watching the lady scan the prices and the total would have been about $85. So compare that to $25... WOW, right!? Haha. Definitely worth it. So ladies, drop by your nearest VS. They're selling like hotcakes and they're only having this sale for as long as the undies last on the table. So once they're gone, that's it. So get em' while they're hot! (: Keep in mind this is for cotton panties that are on the table. (some may even be in the bins).

PS: This does not include PINK panties, bras, etc. Just the cotton panties that are labeled 10 for $25.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Summer Is Just Around The Corner!

Even though it already feels like it, summertime is coming so it's only fair that we bust out our bright colored makeup (ahah, sound familiar?). It's time to put those smokey eyes to rest for now and experiment with color (:

So in light of summer being around the corner, I decided to play with some color and I came up with a rainbow eye. Haha. Anyway, I'm looking forward to using bright colors for the upcoming season. What about you!?

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Target & CCO Haul

I have one more final left to go on Thursday. I have a final project due that day as well and I have yet to START on it. My professor assigned this project around March. Haha. I'm so bad. Anyway, I decided to go to CCO and Target today and I walked out with a little something I wasn't intended to buy. I wanted to go to CCO and buy some brushes but I guess the whole hype of beauty blogging and all these forums about MAC and what not, has gotten so mainstream that I'm assuming so many people go to CCO and they get to the goods before I can get my hands on them. Not to sound like a total biotch. But it sucks because when I don't want it, it's there in the store but when I come to finally buy it, they're completely sold out. It makes me sad. And the next closest CCO is about 45 minutes to an hour away. No thank you!

I had to drive further this time to go to Target because the one near my house is jacked up! They never have the stuff I'm looking for and it's a mess in there. I was also there to see if they still had the PiXi cosmetics 75% off sale but I guess not since they restocked and everything was full price. So I had to pass on that.

Anyway here is my recent CCO & Target haul:

MAC Blush in "Spaced Out" (Neo Sci-Fi collection) and "Feeling"
MAC brush roll ($36)

Sonia Kashuk "small eyeshadow brush" and "large crease brush"

Sonia Kashuk blending sponge

New Poll

Please vote on my poll on the sidebar please! You can vote for more than one answer. Thank you and have a nice day. :)

Sunday, May 17, 2009

FOTD: Purple

Hi everyone! I haven't blogged in what feels like a really long time. I have finals coming up this week so I'm trying to prepare myself for that. Other than that I'm looking forward to the end of the semester. I really want to start making more posts so as soon as I'm done with finals, I'll be back on my feet again.

On Saturday I did make-up for 2 girls that were going to a formal for their co-ed fraternity at UCSD. I was only able to take a picture of one of the girls because they had so much more preparation to do, like hair and nails, before they were able to leave and I didn't want to take up any more time than I needed to. Tell me what you think. (:

MAC Bare Study paint pot
MAC Beautiful Iris eyeshadow on inner lid & inner lower lash line
MAC Parfait Amour eyeshadow on middle lid & middle lower lash line
MAC Intense Purple on outer lid & outer lower lash line
f7 (CS palette) applied on outer corner
MAC Pandemonium eyeshadow on outer "V"
MAC Carbon eyeshadow on outer "V"
MAC Nylon eyeshadow applied on inner tear duct & highlight
K-Palette eyeliner
Maybelline Voluminous mascara
Maybelline Expert Eyes eyeliner in Velvet Black on waterline

MAC Gingerly blush
MAC Blonde MSF

MAC Angel lipstick
NYX Natural round lipgloss

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


I was tagged by these 2 beautiful ladies HAIRS to BEAUTY & Christiana Divine. Ya'll are about to get upclose and personal with me! HAH! So I'm sort've breaking rules right now. I read that I was tagged AFTER I did my tutorial on my previous post and I wouldn't want to post a picture of myself with a full face of make-up on since I JUST did a post with what I had on. So I figured I should wait till I wash my face and get ready for bed to do this tag.

Well hear ya go. My face in completely bomba (naked in tagalog)!! ;P
No time to look cute since I'm about to go to bed. Haha.
Oh & this was taken with my webcam so excuse the low quality.

check that hair out. oooooweeee!!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

TUTORIAL: Smokey Blue Eyes

Here's the look we're going for....

I uploaded a video version of this tutorial and I don't like how it turned out. I look way dark in the video! Does anyone know how to fix that? Anyway, hope you enjoy the tutorial. (:

First apply your base.
I used Urban Decay Primer Potion.

Apply a white base on top.
I used NYX jumbo e/s pencil in Milk.

Apply a light blue eyeshadow above your crease.
I Used MAC's Aire-de-Blu pigment.

Apply a darker blue eyeshadow to your entire lid and blend up.
I used NYX Ultra Pearl Mania in Space.
(this color also has a hint of purple in it)

Apply a dark blue/purple eyeshadow to your outer corner.
I used a color from the Coastal Scents 88 Palette.

It should look like this...

Apply a white eyeshadow to your inner corner.
I used NYX eyeshadow in White.

It should look like this...

With an angeled brush, draw a wing with black eyeshadow.
I used MAC #266 brush.

With the same brush, apply it to your crease.
With a pencil brush, soften out the line.
I used MAC #219 brush.
Apply the same dark blue/purple eyeshadow above your crease to blend out any harsh lines.

Redefine your crease with an angled brush.

Apply a highlight color to your browbone.
I used MAC eyeshadow in Nylon.
Apply your choice of eyeliner, mascara & false eyelashes.
I also applied the same lid & crease color to my lashline.


Without flash...