Saturday, November 26, 2011

Thanksgiving Look

I hope you all enjoyed your Thanksgiving filled with food, friends, and family! :) I woke up around 2:30pm today (Friday) because I was out around midnight to 5am doing some Black Friday shopping with my mom. We wasted so much time just standing in line just to pay for our things. It was such a hassle. My feet were hurting so bad and I had a headache. Good thing I was feeling better throughout the day for me and boyfriend to go shopping as well. I didn't buy that much though. I'm not that crazy over Black Friday because I hate dealing with crowds and crazy shoppers who are willing to beat each other up just to get through. My mom and I had just gotten to the mall around 12:45am and these grown men were literally about to fight each other for some reason. I was just amazed how this single day of shopping can cause so much chaos. That's why I rather shop online. :)

So this is the look I wore for Thanksgiving. It could almost pass for a Christmas look :)  I ended up changing the lip color to a lighter pink but I should have stuck with the bold lip since I think it looked better. I also wish the green on the lower lash line was more vibrant but I was in a rush to do this look and I didn't get to fix it. Anyway thanks again for reading! I hope you all enjoy the rest of the weekend. :D

 Urban Decay Primer Potion
 MAC Painterly Paint Pot
 Glamour Doll Eyes Chocoholic eyeshadow (applied wet all over the lid)
 Inglot #74 AMC eyeshadow (crease)
 MAC Brule eyeshadow (brow bone)
 MAC Saddle eyeyeshadow (transition color)
 Inglot #418 Pearl eyeshadow (lower lash line)
 Wet N Wild white eyeliner pencil (inner tear duct)
 MAC Beautiful Iris eyeshadow (inner tear duct)
 MAC Smolder eye kohl (lower waterline)
 Maybelline Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Liner (upper lash line)
 Maybelline Falsies Flared mascara
 Model 21 Lashes No.3

 NYC Brow Pencil in Taupe
 NYC Browser Brow Kit

 NARS Laguna Bronzer
 Elf Fuchsia Fusion blush

 MAC Rougette mattene lipstick (limited edition)

Monday, November 21, 2011

Maybelline Volum' Express Falsies Flared Waterproof Review

 No mascara

 One coat

Two coats
What it claims:
 Unique flexible wand helps to lift and separate lashes to provide the look of more lashes.
□ Patented Spoon Curler brush loads every lash with flexible-hold formula to instantly build volume that goes up and out at corners.
To use: For best results, apply the Spoon Curler brush with the spoon side against the lashes then flare outwards with the side from root to tip.

This is once again another product that's been given a lot of hype and I fell victim to what others say about this. Though I use false eyelashes most of the time, I do prefer to have a decent mascara for those days that I don't feel like wearing any. After testing this product out I'm not so sure I'll be repurchasing this one in particular. Luckily I believed the hype when people claimed how amazing Covergirl LashBlast mascara was so I'll be sticking with that instead. :)

AVAILABILITY:  drugstores (Target, CVS, Walgreens, etc.)
SIZE: .35 fl oz. / 9.4 ml

□ Adds volume
□ Holds curl
□ Separates lashes
□ Spoon shaped curler helps coat every lash

 Minimal lengthening
□ Formula was too dry
 Lashes started to clump after the first coat
□ Lashes looked uneven

□ I recommend this for people who have very short lashes because dryer mascara would stick better to thinner, shorter lashes. If you already have naturally long lashes then this could work for you if you're just looking for volume. When it comes to mascara I prefer a wetter formula because dryer mascaras clump easily for me and it makes my lashes look like tarantulas, and typically they offer very little length. :(

□ I also noticed that rather than coating and combing through my lashes consistently it made them look really messy and uneven. Some lashes were longer and some didn't have as much volume or length. That's definitely something to gripe about this product considering it's meant to give you the "falsies" look.

DISCLAIMER: The products reviewed on this blog are based on the opinions and experiences of the author. This product was purchased by the author and in no way was this review influenced by the company of the product.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Electric Wysteria Eye Makeup Look

□ Urban Decay Primer Potion
□ MAC Painterly Paint Pot
□ MAC Electro Sky Paint Pot (lid)
□ Inglot #337 Matte (transition color)
□ Inglot #327 Matte (crease)
□ Inglot #421 Pearl (crease and outer lower lash line)
□ Earth Goddess Minerals Electric Wysteria eyeshadow (lid)
□ MAC Carbon eyeshadow (outer corner)
□ MAC Brule eyeshadow (highlight)
□ Glamour Doll Eyes Dolly eyeshadow (inner lower lash line)
□ MAC Blacktrack Fluidline
□ Urban Decay 24/7 eyeliner in Perversion
□ False lashes from (style #004)

□ NYC Brow Pencil in Taupe
□ NYC Browser Brow Kit


□ MAC Emote Blush
□ MAC High-Light Powder in Marine Life


□ NYX Thalia lipstick
□ MAC Electro-Lush lipglass

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Emeralds and Amethyst Makeup Look

Here's a Fall/Winter look that I think would look nice on anybody! Green is something I don't wear very often especially really bright green eyeshadow even though it's fun to play with and good to have around in your makeup stash :P But overall my favorite shades of green to incorporate in makeup are forest green, olive green, teal, and emerald green just to name a few! I'm really into dark vivid green shades and that's why I wanted to do this look. Adding a pop of color on the lower lash line is just my special touch that I like to do all the time. The purple really stands out but I find that it's still appropriate for this season. :)

□ MAC Painterly Paint Pot
□ Wet N Wild Vanity Palette
□ Elf Studio Cream Eyeliner in Teal Tease
□ Earth Goddess Minerals Emerald Green eyeshadow
□ MAC Carbon eyeshadow
□ Urban Decay 24/7 eyeliner in Perversion
□ Glamour Doll Eyes Loose Shadow in Tattooed
□ Wet N Wild Creme Eyeliner
□ Maybelline Volum' Express Falsies Flared Mascara
□ Wet N Wild white eyeliner
□ Urban Decay Loose Pigment in Yeyo
□ Model 21 Lashes #19

□ NYC Brow Pencil in Taupe
□ NYC Browser Brow Kit

□ NARS Laguna Bronzer
□ MAC Feeling blush

□ MAC Angel lipstick
□ MAC Of Corset lipglass

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Sparkling Gold and Brown Makeup Look

I've been on a neutral kick lately ever since I stocked up on my Inglot eyeshadows. If you're from San Diego and you don't follow my Facebook page then you probably missed my comment about a new Inglot counter opening inside Macy's at Fashion Valley (*squeals in excitement!!!) I was actually in Irvine visiting family last week and I decided to make a stop at the Inglot store in Newport Beach. That was when I first heard they just opened a new counter in San Diego. I was so excited that a Macy's over here was one of the select stores that was opening a new Inglot counter! On another note I got my Inglot Pro card :D This card offers 20% off on their cosmetics. The downside to this is that they don't accept it at counters, only at Inglot freestanding stores, through telephone, and I'm not sure about online but possibly so! I'm happy to have it either way! :D

Anyway! Here is a really quick and easy look I did the other day. I wanted to do something neutral, that's why I decided to stick with lighter shades of golds and browns, but still adding a pop of shimmer to keep it looking radiant (it's one of my favorite ways of making your eyes look brighter). Thanks for reading. Enjoy! :)

Natural lighting

□ Urban Decay Primer Potion
□ MAC Painterly Paint Pot
□ Inglot #337 Matte (crease)
□ MAC By Jupiter mineralize eyeshadow - limited edition - (outer corner and crease)
□ Inglot #08 AMC Shine (inner eyelid)
□ Inglot #07 AMC Shine (outer eyelid)
□ Wet n Wild Vanity Palette
□ MAC Gold Mode pigment (inner lower lash line)
□ Urban Decay 24/7 eyeliner in Perversion
□ Wet n Wild Creme Liner
□ False lashes from (style #004)

□ NYC Brow Pencil in Taupe
□ NYC Browser Brow Kit

□ NYX Terra Cotta blush

□ MAC 4N lipstick
□ MAC Viva Glam V lipglass

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Retro Pinup Look

Of all the years of my blogging I have never done a pinup look. I've always been a huge fan of it though. Everything from the makeup, hair, and fashion has always piqued my interest. Mostly the hairstyles though.. but too bad I can't style hair. I love the Victory Roll hairstyle on pinups and I could never get it right. Oh well... ;p

□ NYX Jumbo Eyeshadow Pencil in Milk (base)
□ Wet N Wild Vanity and Greed Palette (crease and highlight)
□ Sugarpill Tako eyeshadow (lid)
□ Wet N Wild Creme Liner (lash line)
□ Wet N Wild White eyeliner (lower waterline)
□ Covergirl Lashblast mascara

□ NYC Brow Pencil in Taupe
□ NYC Browser Brow Kit
□ Black eyeshadow

□ NARS Laguna Bronzer (contour)
□ MAC Prism Blush

□ MAC Redd Lip Pencil (liner)
□ NYX Femme Round Lipstick

Friday, November 11, 2011

Elf High Definition Powder Review

The e.l.f. High Definition Powder is a translucent, versatile loose powder that creates a flawless, "soft focus" effect to the skin. Masks fine lines and imperfections for a glowing, radiant complexion. This incredibly soft and invisible powder is ideal for everyday wear, either alone or over foundation. 
The microfine particles are designed to be used with high-definition camera technology or for everyday wear. Apply powder all over the face for a professional and youthful look of perfection.

INGREDIENTS: Dimethicone/Vinyl Dimethicone Crosspolymer, Silica.
SIZE: 3.5 oz

□ Very smooth, velvety texture
□ Face looks softer and smoother
□ Creates a flawless finish
□ Pores appear smaller
□ Makeup does not settle into fine lines
□ Keeps makeup in place
□ Helps to mattify the face
□ A lot of product in the jar
□ Lightweight
□ Translucent finish, great for different skin tones
□ Inexpensive alternative to high-end setting powders (e.g., MAC Prep + Prime and MUFE HD Powder)

□ Messy
□ Packaging is slightly bulky
□ Does not control shine throughout the day
□ Can leave a white cast
□ Can look cakey if too much is applied

□ As it states on their website it is great for photographing because it gives your skin a nice radiant look to it but I find that it doesn't last all day for me. Using it to set your makeup works great but if you tend to get oily throughout the day then you'll probably need to touch up after a couple of hours. I recommend this for all skin types but I suggest those who have dryer skin to use less because it can look heavy if too much is applied.

□ It's a little bit bothersome to see a white cast on my face because when I photograph myself there's an apparent difference between my face and my neck (which I hate!) So after doing a lot of trial and error I find that using less is more in my case. I like to use a fluffy brush to apply this powder all over my face such as Sigma's Kabuki Buffer Brush.

DISCLAIMER: The products reviewed on this blog are based on the opinions and experiences of the author. This product was purchased by the author and in no way was this review influenced by the company of the product.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Inglot Eyeshadow Swatches

Inglot Eyeshadow Finishes:
Matte - flat finish with no shine, shimmer, or sparkle
Pearl - pearly sheen with a bit of a satiny frost but does not contain any bits of glitter
DS (Double Sparkle) - Matte based eyeshadow with sparkle
AMC (Advanced Makeup Component) - semi-matte base with sparkle but less glittery than DS finishes.
AMC Shine - Highly pigmented with a pearly, frosty finish. More shinier than Pearl finishes.

491 DS Royal purple with shimmer (it has more glitter than what is photographed)
494 DS Deep midnight purple with shimmer (also didn't photograph well)
483 DS Navy blue with specks of purple glitter
426 Pearl Bright summer blue
371 Matte Bright sky blue

504 DS Shimmery teal
372 Matte Light turquoise color with a greener tone
384 Matte Basic green but almost a light version of Kelly green
60 AMC Bright yellow with glitter
403 Pearl Frosty metallic gold

446 Pearl  Rich plum color
388 Matte  Bright blue-purple 
428 Pearl  Vibrant dark royal blue with a black undertone
473 DS  Vivid Robin egg blue with silver glitter and green undertone
477 DS  Vibrant but less intense lime green

439 Pearl  Vivid royal purple color
377 Matte  Deep dark royal purple with tiny specks of glitter
418 Pearl  Dark forest green with a brown undertone
24 AMC Shine  Bright frosty, very pale blue-green 
59 AMC  Chartreuse yellow-green

65 AMC Black with multicolored glitter
498 DS Very dark gray (almost black) with multicolored glitter
434 Pearl A mix of gray and taupe depending what angle you look at it
450 Pearl Deep red almost like a cranberry color
74 AMC Dark fuchsia with shimmer

378 Matte Deep brown with a grayish tone
363 Matte Medium brown with a grayish tone
54 AMC Light chocolate brown
423 Pearl Dark plummy brown with a gold shimmer
402 Pearl Frosty light brown

351 Matte Creamy white
395 Pearl Very light frosty cream color
26 AMC Shine Frosty light white gold
361 Matte Light peachy pink
15 AMC Shine Orange/coral with gold shimmer

362 Matte Bubblegum pink
366 Matte Reddish orange but more red and less orange
495 DS Reddish pink with multicolored glitter
382 Matte Red with a deep pink tone
51 AMC Basic orange with multicolored glitter (camera wasn't able to pick up any shimmer)

63 AMC  Semi-matte with a slight sheen
52 AMC  Light brown with flecks of gold glitter
457 DS  Chocolate brown with gold shimmer
360 Matte  Taupe color
390 Matte  Pale taupe color

(I had a little bit a trouble photographing these because of its high sheen but the colors are a lot more pigmented than what is shown)
07 AMC Shine  Shimmery light rose gold
08 AMC Shine  Shimmery champagne with a golden sheen
393 Pearl  Shimmery light peach
352 Matte  Pale light pink
407 Pearl  Coral with a golden iridescence

459 DS  Taupe-brown shade with glitter
421 Pearl  Warm coppery brown shade
74 AMC  Dark magenta color with multicolored glitter
405 Pearl  Metallic coppery brown with a redder base
463 DS  Creamy flesh tone color with glitter

327 Matte  Medium dark brown color
457 DS  Chocolate brown with gold shimmer
55 AMC  Warm coppery brown with a frosty finish
337 Matte  Soft brown color
453 Pearl  Metallic white with a pearly sheen