Monday, January 24, 2011

Vibrant Lashes from KKCenterHk

These vibrant lashes from are not your basic everyday lashes. These are perfect if you plan on attending a theme party like a masquerade, Mardi Gras or a halloween party! These also would have been perfect for the New Year. Nonetheless, these lashes are super vibrant and festive and would look amazing if you were going out with really dramatic makeup. These are perfect for someone with a more creative side who would use these lashes to create something completely out of the ordinary.
Style: M106-B
Cost: $2.50 USD

Style: M112-B
 Cost: $2.50 USD

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Friday, January 21, 2011

Updated Eyebrow Tutorial Version 3.0!

I'm back again with yet another updated eyebrow tutorial. I think this is my third time doing a tutorial except it's the same routine as the recent one I had, I just decided to redo them with different pictures. I'm also using the same products listed below. So as you can see I've been using this technique for about a year now and you can tell that nothing has changed!

For those who are wondering, I don't get my eyebrows professionally waxed, plucked, or threaded. I pluck my own eyebrows as often as necessary. I usually pluck them before I start my makeup. I also trim my eyebrows with scissors every few weeks and I shave the tops of my brows for a more clean look. I don't usually have a time when I do trim them I just trim them whenever I feel like they're getting too long. It seems like a lot of steps to filling in my eyebrows but honestly it takes me no more than 5 minutes. Especially if you've been doing them the same way for as long as I have then it's gonna be cake every single time. But anyway, I hope you all learn something from this tutorial. Enjoy!

Tools For Grooming Eyebrows:
Tweezers to pluck stray hairs.
Eyebrow razor to shave the top of your brows for a cleaner look. It can also be used to shave in between your brows if you have a uni-brow. You can use any brand you like. I bought mine at a dollar store and it works the same as any other kind.
Small scissors to trim your brows if the hairs are too long.

What You Will Need To Fill In Your Eyebrows:

2 angled brushes
N.Y.C. Brow/Eye Liner Pencil in Taupe #927
N.Y.C. Browser in Brunette
MAC Studio Finish Concealer

Here are my eyebrows with no product on them.

STEP 1. By following the natural shape, I draw a straight line on the upper part of my eyebrows, beginning from the inner part and stopping at the arch.
STEP 2. I do the same to the lower part of my eyebrows, stopping at the arch.
This is how it should look like so far.
STEP 3. Fill in between the two lines you just created with soft strokes and keeping the inner part still bare.
STEP 4. Take your spoolie brush (MAC 204) and brush the hairs to create a natural look. This will also bring more color to the inner part.
This is how it should look like so far.

STEP 5. Apply a thin amount of wax and brow powder to your angled brush (MAC 266) and starting from the upper part of your arch, create the tail of your brows.
STEP 6. Repeat Step 5 on the lower part of your eyebrows.
STEP 7. Without using anymore product, lightly shade in the remaining part of your brows.
This is how it should look like so far.
STEP 8. With another angled brush (Sigma E65) take a little bit of concealer and run in under your brows for a clean look.
STEP 9. Repeat the Step 8 for the upper part of your brows.

Finished Brows!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Hello Kitty Fan? Born Pretty Store Discounts & Coupons!

Born Pretty Store is a wholesale cosmetics store online that sells everything from nail products, to false eyelashes, to beauty products. Right now they are offering customers a Hello Kitty Nail Art Stamping Plate which is not for sale on their website. But by entering the coupon code below, you can get it as a free gift with your purchase. You also get FREE SHIPPING on your purchases! So if you'd like to know where to get false eyelashes like the ones I wear, then this is definitely one of the website I would check out. Also, if you love doing nails, they offer so many nail tools and nail decorations for a really inexpensive price. Hope you all decide to check it out. Happy shopping!

Photo courtesy of

Coupon code BP299 to get a free Hello Kitty Nail Art Stamping Plate:
This code DOES NOT expire but they only have a limited amount of these plates so get them while you still can!

Springtime Look!

I'm ready for Spring, are you?! Our whether here in San Diego is ridiculous. It would be cold some days and then the weather would spike up to 80 degrees out of nowhere! Then the next day it would be completely gloomy outside. I don't understand how that happens but I'll take it for what it is. Some time earlier this week it got super hot here in SD and it made me think about Spring. So I guess you can say it sort've inspired this look. I was playing with makeup the other day and came up with this super random (yet appropriate) color combination. It kind of reminded me of spring colors especially when I tied it with my current go-to lipstick, Pink Blush from Rimmel. By the way I love this lipstick! It's almost like a barbie pink but a little bit lighter. It's a cream color and it goes on so smoothly and it feels really creamy on my lips. Rimmel's lipsticks have defenitely won my vote. :) Anyway, I had no sense of direction as I was creating this look. I pretty much just grabbed colors as I went along and this ended up being the final results. I like how it turned out even though the colors came out really random. Hope you all enjoy the look!

By the way, the boyfriend and I are going to the SD Zoo this Saturday. Anyone else dropping by? :)

UDPP as a primer
MAC Painterly Paint Pot applied as a base
MUFE No.5 eyeshadow applied all over the lid
MUFE No.92 eyeshadow applied to the crease with a pencil brush
MAC Pandamonium eyeshadow to darken the outer crease
MAC Brule eyeshadow as a highlight
Maybelline gel eyeliner on upper lash line
UD Electric eyeliner on lower lash line
LSS lashes style A7 from
CoverGirl LashBlast mascara

NYC Brow Pencil in Taupe
NYC Browser brow kit

LORAC Bronzer in Glow to countour
MAC Marine Life Highlight Powder on cheeks

Rimmel lipstick in Pink Blush

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

LOOK: Frosty Purple Using Pandamonium Quad

Wow so I've been really sick this past week and a half and I'm finally recovering. This means I can finally start posting some looks and hopefully get in some requests from some of you, which I have been getting. I caught a cold when I went to school so I've been coughing and sniffling like crazy! My nose has been Niagara Falls this past week. But now that that's almost out of the way, I'm feeling better enough to start blogging again.

Anyway, I was going through some of my makeup drawers and I came upon one of my favorite MAC quads that came out years ago! It was the Pandamonium Quad from the Balloonacy Collection that came out some time in 2007 I think. I'm a huge fan of this quad because all four colors compliment each other so well. It's definitely one of my favorites. Hope you all like this look. :)

photo credit to

UDPP applied as a primer
MAC Paint Pot in Painterly applied as a second base
MAC Up At Dawn eyeshadow (pink) applied above the crease
MAC Violet Trance eyeshadow (purple) applied to the outer crease
MUFE #92 applied to the outer corners and bringing it inward
MAC Pandamonium eyeshadow (dark gray) applied to the outer corner
MAC Cloudbound eyeshadow (highlight) applied to the entire lid
MAC Brule eyeshadow applied to the brow bone
UD Zero eyeliner applied to upper lash line
UD Ink For Eyes in Pyrotechnics applied on top of the eyeliner
UD Ransom eyeliner applied to lower lash line
ES false eyelashes style A013 from

NYC Brow Pencil in Taupe
NYC Browser brow kit

LORAC Bronzer in Glow to countour
MAC Marine Life Highlight Powder on cheeks

Rimmel lipstick in Pink Blush

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Urban Decay 15-Year Anniversary 24/7 Pencil Set Photos & Swatches

For those of you who are an Urban Decay fan, then I'm sure you're aware of their 24/7 eye pencils. They released their 15th anniversary 24/7 pencil set that includes 15 eye pencils, 6 of which are new shades and a sharpener included. I was so excited when I got this in the mail! I just couldn't wait to open it and see all the pretty colors layed out in front of me. I can't wait to do looks with these! Urban Decay 24/7 eyeliner pencils retail for $17.00 USD. I purchased this on their website for only $92.00 ($100.05 when tax is included) which is an amazing deal of which would have been a $264.00 value! Even though it still put a dent on my wallet there was no changing my mind, I just had to have this set! Urban Decay first released this set on Cyber Monday, after the Thanksgiving holiday. But since I missed out on that, I had to wait until this month for them to release it. Now it's available on their website so check it out!

Color descriptions from left to right:
Stray Dog first looked like a soft gray with a hint of brown but it's definitely more on the taupe side.
Corrupt is a really dark brown color with some shimmer and silver glitter.
Bourban is a rich chocolately color. It's more on the warm side with gold specks of shimmer.
Midnight Cowboy is a neutral tone champagne color with gold shimmer.
Baked is a bronze/copper color
Stash is more olive green with a gold sheen to it.
Mildew is lighter forest green shade.
Electric is a bright turqouise color with silver specks of glitter
Binge is a midnight blue with a soft sheen of purple.
Ransom is a bright royal purple.
Asphyxia is a fuschia color with specks of bluish purple glitter.
Rockstar is a very deep eggland color with a slight golden sheen.
Zero is your basic black eyeliner.
Uzi is a dark gunmetal gray color with silver glitter.
Perversion is a pure jet black color. It's much more black compared to Zero.

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Friday, January 14, 2011

Product Review: Incoco Dry Nail Applique + Tutorial

I've heard of self-stick nail polish strips but I never really looked into them until now. I have to say that these are a life saver! No more waiting for your polish to dry, no more spills, and no more dents in your nail polish As it states, these self-stick nail polish strips are the new revolution in nail polish! And what's great about it is that it's not even cheap, generic made nail polish. It is real nail polish in a STRIP! This new revolution of nail polish makes application so much easier and faster especially people like myself, who do NOT have the patience to wait for nail polish to dry. That's why I always have dents and smears in my polish and that's not cute!

Incoco Dry Nail Applique is a 3-in-1 manicure that provides a base coat, color coat, and top coat.They provide different shades and not only are there colored manicures but they also provide french manicures, glitter manicures, glitter french manicures and colored french manicures. Each packet comes with 2 strips, one for each hand, which gives you different sizes to help determine which one will fit your nail bed. I also thought it was really nice that regardless of which one you choose, you will always have leftover and with the leftover you can use it to accent one of your fingernails to add a little more glam to your manicure! For example, adding one to your ring finger to make your nails stand out even more.

Overall, it's a great product for people who are on the go and don't have time to sit and give themselves a full manicure. It takes little effort to apply and since there is no drying involved, it is really ideal for people who just want a quick application that will last you for over week. I generally had my manicure on for about a week only because I felt like changing things up with my nails. But I know for sure that if I had left it in longer, the nailpolish would have withstood a few more days. I hardly ever noticed any chipping or peeling of nailpolish which I was afraid of happening. But it lasted quite well.

For removal, you can use your basic nailpolish remover or what I thought was really fun, was I used Incoco's Instant Nail Polish Remover. You just stick your fingers into the holes and twister your finger around and it comes out so easily!

I love the blue glitter with zebra print!

How I apply Incoco Nail Strips

Step 1. Separate the sizes and find one that fits your particular nail bed.

Step 2. Peel off the blue plastic cover

Step 3. Peel off the polish strip and break off the end (I forgot to take a picture of this step)

Step 4. Place the polish over your nails and smooth it out.

Step 5. With your other nail, use it to break off the excess.

Step 6. File the tips of your nails to smooth out any rough edges.

Looks a little bit sloppy but it was my first time and to me it came out pretty nice!

Before anyone asks, no these are not my real nails.
But what's great about Incoco is that you can use them on both your real and fake nails.

Here they are on my real nails.
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