Monday, February 9, 2009

I'll Be Back...

Hi everyone,

Sorry this post won't be make-up related. I'm just here to let everyone know that I don't think I'll be posting as much as I usually do anymore. At least not right now. Some of you who follow me on Twitter or who have been keeping up with my updates knows what has happened and honestly, it has taken so much out of me.

Because of it, I can't really focus on school and I have no motivation to update my blog as much as I want to. I can't even function the way I normally do at home. Part of me tells me to keep my head up and to stay strong but another part of me feels hopeless and confused. I honestly don't know what to do right now.

All I know is that I've been left high on a pedestal with high expectations. We I had goals to keep ourselves motivated for the future. I held on tight to those goals. It's what kept me going despite what other people thought.

I stayed strong and hopeful and I believed in you. When others looked down on your achievements, I on the other hand felt proud. I stuck by your side and I had so much faith in everything you did. When have I ever stopped supporting you? When can I finally be rewarded for my good deeds?

I was excited for what was to come of our lives. Now I feel the need to start over. I really hope and pray that over time, you and I will both change. I hope you know how much I care for you and how important you are to me. And that what you're feeling is just your cowardly self who's afraid to let go [and I don't mean that in a mean way]. But to be completely honest, I just wish you would stop playing games with me.

Anyway, for now I just wanna get myself back on track. I need to find where I stand in my situation and hopefully I can go from there. Hope nothing but the best for me guys. I'll be back. (:

Much love,
Tina Marie