Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Nailene Couture

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I'm here with a product review for artificial nails by Nailene. My take on artificial nails have not always been successful but I feel like with more practice, the outcome gets better. I attempted to apply these nails again and I think I did a better job this time. I didn't get that many air bubbles and I applied the glue much neater which didn't cause it to spread and get all over my skin.

The length is perfect especially for everyday.
You get a nice makeover for your nails for less than what you would normally pay at a salon.
Each kit comes with a manicure stick & a file so in case a press-on may be too wide, you can easily file it down to fit your fingernail.
The nail glue had a longer nozzle for where the glue comes out which made a more precise application.
Nails come in trendy designs especially from their Couture collection.
The manicure stick is made of plastic which is so much better than the wooden kind because it's more sturdy and it doesn't dent when you try to push your nails.

Air bubbles, as always when it comes to artificial nails. I can never prevent them!
I had some trouble finding the right size for my nail bed. I tried filing them down to fit my fingernail but I was afraid I would make a mistake so I just left some of them the same.
Glue can get messy if you apply too much.

I hardly ever get my nails done at a salon anymore because it's expensive and there's no reason to get my nails done professionally if all I do is work or go to school. So these nails are a great alternative if you don't want to spend so much money at a salon. Artificial nails are great for special occasions because it's a fast and inexpensive way to dress up your nails for a night out without worrying about ruining your nails the way acrylics do.


This nail design is from the Nailene Couture collection called Starry Sky
with a butterfly sticker from the Bedazzle pack.

1) 3 sets of Nailene artificial nails
2) Nailene French Tip Pen with UV top coat
4) Nailene Bedazzle Super Star nail Art
5) Nailene Perfect Tips french polish guides

Nailene Couture in Starry Sky

Without flash

With flash

I also want to thank everyone who participated on my Revlon Nails and False Eyelashes giveaway. I contacted the winner (Beautygirl9190) privately but I thought I'd give her an honorable mention on my blog. Thanks again everyone for the support!

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