Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Glamour Doll Eyes Review, Photos and Swatches

From the getgo I've always loved Glamour Doll Eyeshadows. The colors are so pigmented and apply very smoothly both wet and dry. I highly recommend that everyone check out this cosmetics line because I promise you, it won't disappoint!

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Top: Tattooed, Cloud Coverage, Stiletto
Bottom: Chocoholic, Ahoy Sailor!, Trophy Wife

Tattooed, Cloud Bound, Stiletto, Chocoholic, Ahoy Sailor!, Trophy Wife
Applied dry, no base

Gorgeous purple with a hint of blue undertone.
Goes on very smooth and subtle when applied dry.
Turns a very vibrant purple when applied with a mixing medium.

Shimmery brown with a hint of copper.
A perfect shade for a smokey eye.
Very vibrant even when applied dry.

An intense olive gold color with more yellow undertone.
Goes on very well dry.

A matte fuchsia color.
Very vibrant but comes out a little bit chalky when applied dry.
For best results, use a mixing medium.

A gorgeous matte navy blue.
A very vibrant color but may apply chalky when dry.
For best results, use mixing medium.

A matte white that goes on very subtle.
Becomes very opaque when using a mixing medium.

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