Sunday, February 27, 2011

Born Pretty Store False Eyelashes Review & Photos

I received these lashes for review from Born Pretty Store. They sell everything from nail products, false eyelashes, contact lenses, to makeup at very inexpensive wholesale prices. I've told myself before that I probably wouldn't buy another pair of false eyelashes again besides purchasing it online from a website like this because they're super cheap and you get so many pairs! I'm not the type to spend a lot of money on false eyelashes. I'm the type to rock a pair of 99 cent lashes! And that's what I really like about these lashes because they're inexpensive and it doesn't break the bank! Hope you all find this review helpful and I hope you guys check out their website! You won't be sorry :)

Style #113

These look the best but were the hardest to wear out of the three.
The band is really stiff and it didn't provide much curl.
I do love the fullness of them but if they were more flexible, I think they would be much better!

Style #004

 Another one of my favorite pairs of lashes.
I do recommend taking liquid eyeliner and lining the band because it will stay white if you're using a clear adhesive.
These are little less natural as far as the texture of them go but I love the "criss-cross" look of these lashes.
The band is a little bit stiff but easy to manage.

Style ID #890

Definitely my favorite pair of the three.
Very long lashes that provide excellent curl.
Easy to apply with a very thin, invisible band.
Lashes have a natural texture to them making them look more real.

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