Wednesday, March 25, 2009


I decided to join Mimi's Drag Queen Contest!!!! I actually did this look around 2 in the morning since I was wide awake. But as soon as I got done with the look, I was exhausted!!!!!

It took me about an hour & a half to create the whole look PLUS take pictures. I spent more time trying to conceal my eyebrows but you can tell that I failed at that.

I also contoured/highlighted my cheeks, jaw line, chin & nose!! I wish my nose looked like that in real life. Amazing at what make-up can really do to yourself!!

Anywho, I looooooove the way my lips turned out. If you guys remember from one of my previous posts from a while back, I showed the many uses of MAC's Helium Pigment. Basically I did the same trick with my lips here just to give it more glam!

After seeing all the pictures and looking at myself in the mirror at the time, I was actually afraid to look at myself any longer. That just goes to show that I would never EVER shave off my eyebrows and put them in places they don't belong. For example, my forehead! No thank you!!

Haha anyway, I won't list down what I used, unless of course it's required for the contest but you could pretty much tell that I kept it pretty simple [in a dramatic sort of way]. Black & white eyeshadow, red blush, red lips, etc.

Good luck to all the rest who are joining the contest. [: