Friday, November 13, 2009

Clarisonic Haul

I went to Sephora and I finally bought myself a Clarisonic skin cleansing system. I purchased the Mia which is a travel friendly version of the original Clarisonic except the Mia has an international charger that works worldwide. I think the Mia is perfect for me since I'm going to the Philippines next month. I also chose the limited edition Mia which comes with a travel bag and an additional brush head.

I've only used my Clarisonic once and I must say that after I was finished using this, I felt really refreshed and it felt like I was just given a facial. To be honest, I almost felt like I wanted to go to sleep after I used this because it felt really relaxing.

I'm not sure if I'll be doing a product review for this. I think there are more than enough reviews on this product online but we'll see. All I really have to say that's bad about this product is its price. The Clarisonic Mia runs for about $145 and the regular for about $200. It's really pricey most especially for me but I've been wanting this product for quite some time now so it was a must-have on my list.

Questions for my readers:
1. Clarisonic users, how do you like this system so far? Any pros? cons?

2. For those who don't have one, would you consider purchasing one?