Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Random Story

I don't usually do this but I thought I'd share my experience at CVS the other day. And please, don't judge me for what I am about to say. (:

I was waiting for Victor to get off work and I had about an hour to kill so I thought I'd stop by CVS which was right across the street from his work. I was in the beauty section (as always!) just browsing around. I did not plan on purchasing anything, I honestly just wanted to make the hour go by faster. I was looking at some nail polishes and I saw these new matte nail polishes from Orly.

I was drawn by the matte purple polish they had and being the
faulty person that I am, I wanted to try out the color so I painted one of my fingernails with it. Don't act like you have never done it before! So I walked around a little more with my newly painted fingernail, yes just one nail. :( I was browsing around more just looking at stuff that were on sale and in my head I kept saying to myself, I can't just have one fingernail painted, that looks ridiculous! So the evil (not so) genius voice inside of me convinced me that I could totally pull off painting my entire nails and totally get away with it...... NOT!

So I sneakily looked around with my peripheral vision to see if anyone was around and I was completely alone! I thought, perfect... I can totally do this! So I had one hand completely done and I was getting nervous because workers were talking one of after another though the intercom and I was just thinking that at any moment I would hear someone call security because some stupid girl decides to paint her nails during the middle of business hours. Tehehehe.

Then! Dun dun dunnnnn..... I was just three fingernails away from finishing up all my fingers and all of a sudden, as I was returning the brush back into the bottle, the shelf I had placed the bottle of nail polish on decides to fall off and of course, down comes that disastrous opened bottle of purple nail polish just dying to spill out. It was like the bottle was falling in slow motion off the Matrix movie and when it finally hit the ground, it some how ricocheted off their carpet and bounced back up and hit my leg and spilled ALL. OVER. MY. JEANS. (and shoes!)

Talk about karma right!? There I was just finishing up my nails with a bottle of nail polish that I haven't purchased yet, and it was like God just slapped me in the face and said yeah right, like I'm gonna let you get away with this. I was so scared someone had seen me so I quickly grabbed the bottle of nail polish, capped it back on and walked out briskly, but calmly, trying not to draw any attention my way. As soon as I got to my car I dipped like it was nobodies business!

And there I was, when I could have had one nicely painted fingernail, yes just one fingernail, I walked out with seven crapstastic fingernails all chipped and smeared and just an embarrassment to the human race. Oh.. with stained pants and shoes too. I felt so stupid for even thinking that I could have gotten away with it. I would never do that again. It's not worth staining my clothes that I can't even wear anymore! Anyway, I gotta start doing random acts of kindness to even forgive myself because I haven't done anything that stupid in so long. I did think it was kind of funny in the end though. LOL. Karma really got me back this time!

Do you have any funny or embarrassing stories that you had to go through at a store similar to my situation?