Monday, March 29, 2010


... as in Fail Of The Day.

Sorry guys, this post won't be containing FOTDS or anything like that. I'm just curious to know if you've ever had those days where you're so busy with life coming at you so fast that you can't even remember the last time you touched your makeup. You start feeling bad for these inanimate objects because you haven't payed them enough attention in weeks! I know I have. Which is why I chose today to play with some makeup and possibly work on potential looks that I can post. But do you ever have those days where it's just not the day to be doing your makeup? Like the colors you choose to work with are somehow not cooperating together! It sucks. It's a waste of makeup and effort. The downfall about not practicing your makeup skills is that it's not like riding a bicycle. You get taught riding a bicycle once and you're a pro for the rest of your life! But when you're good at putting makeup on and you stop for a while, your skills don't just sit there as it collects dust, it actually diminishes! I haven't touched my makeup since my St. Patty's look and when I attempted to create a look today, I felt like such a newbie. I don't know what the heck I was doing. I nearly attempted to do my makeup about 6 or 7 times today and each attempt was an epic fail! Does this happen to you? If it doesn't, bless your talented soul. But when I don't play around with makeup in a while, it shows up in my work!