Saturday, June 25, 2011

ASOS Quilted Lock Across Cross Body Bag

I ordered this cross body bag not too long from ASOS as a birthday present for myself. Believe it or not it cost me only $25 with free shipping! It was an amazing deal and I was really happy I found it. But I'm gonna go a little off track because I feel like it should be mentioned. I thought my package wasn't going to arrive! Their tracking information was inaccurate most of the time and as I check back on it now, it still says it's in transit. The tracking information hardly changed and I was afraid it had gotten lost because it was in Nevada in transit to its "destination". I thought it was so strange being that I'm all the way in California! So it caught me by surprise when I got it in the mail because I didn't expect it. So just look out for something like that if you do decide to order from their site. Anyway, it's here in one piece so that's all that matters to me!

I've been searching for a cross body bag with the woven chain on the strap for a decent price. This bag is great because you can dress it up or dress it down. It looks good with a black dress if you head out but it goes great even with a pair of jeans. It's great for running errands because you're pretty much handsfree but you still have all your necessary items close by you. You don't have to stick your phone or wallet in your pockets anymore, or even rummage inside your big purse just to find something. And that happens to me a lot! The gold-finish clasp makes it especially easy to get in and out of it and the length is just right for me.

This bag is surprisingly very roomy, too! There's so much space that I could fit my iPhone, keys, wallet, digital camera, blot powder, lippies and MORE all inside it. Overall, the quality feels very sturdy although it is faux leather. It's still well worth it for me! :)

Thank my boyfriend for his stolen shots of the bag haha :p