Monday, June 8, 2009

TUTORIAL: YSL Yves Saint Laurent Promo Picture Fall 2009

Thanks to those who have voted on my poll. If you haven't already, please vote! The votes are neck and neck and I'm surprised to see how close the results are to each other. I guess that's what I get for allowing people to vote for more than one of the choices. But please do vote if you haven't already. This can really help me decide on what looks to do in the future. (=

Anyway, I received an e-mail from a reader and she requested that I do a make-up look from the YSL promo picture that is coming out this Fall 2009. I was thinking of doing a look today anyway but I wasn't sure what look to do so I'm glad I was requested to it.

Here's my take on the look. I know mine turned out more smokey than in the promo picture. I really did try to replicate it. But I hope this gives you a sense on how to create this look in case you decide to do the same.


Sorry no full face pictures.