Monday, June 1, 2009

TUTORIAL: Style Warrior Inspired Look

I decided to make an attempt to recreate a face chart look from the Style Warrior collection from MAC. Of course, mine didn't turn out nearly as well as the face chart but I tried. I also didn't use anything from this collection. Looking at the colors on their website, I realized that their eye shadows could be easily duplicated so that's what I did.

Now on to the tutorial....
After applying a base (I used UDPP), then apply a yellow eyeshadow to your entire lid.
I used MAC Chrome Yellow.

Next I applied Going Banana's LE eyeshadow over Chrome Yellow to give it nice satin look to it.

It should look something like this.

Next, take a purple eyeshadow (I used MAC Purple Haze) and using a small eyeshadow brush, apply it to your crease.

It should look something like this.

Next, take a dark purple/plum color (I used MAC Fig 1) and using a crease brush or a blending brush, blend it onto your crease. I also applied this color to my lower lashline.

I took MAC Fab & Flashy LE eyeshadow and applied it to the outer part of my lid.

It should look something like this.

Take any choice of a highlight color and apply it to your brow bone. I just used a random off white color.

Using a black eyeshadow and a pencil brush, I applied it to the crease and the outer lower lash line to make the crease more definitive.

This is how it should look by now.

Next, I took MAC Juiced eyeshadow and blended it above my crease to get rid of any harsh lines.

Apply your choice of mascara, eyeliner, and false eyelashes.