Sunday, October 4, 2009

EOTD Using Circa Plum Pigment

Sorry guys for the lack of FOTD's. By the time I'm done working on my eyes, I get really lazy so I skip taking pictures of my entire face. I'm still trying to perfect taking close up shots with my DSLR camera. It's tough! Especially since the camera is so big and bulky. Right after I did this look I learned how to do Live View on the camera so I can see on the screen what exactly I'm aiming at. Before that, I just had to guess at what I was shooting which got really frustrating!

Also, with my DSLR camera I feel like it doesn't pick up the true colors of my looks. They sometimes come out looking faded or washed out and that's the last thing I would expect in a DSLR camera. So that's the reason why I included so many eye shots of this look. I tried to pick out one of the best ones but they all seemed really good so I thought I'd post them all. Haha!

Everything I used was MAC unless otherwise stated.
  • Bare Study paint pot applied as a base
  • Circa Plum pigment (LE) applied all over lid
  • Silver Fog pigment (LE) applied to inner corner and inner lower lash line
  • Flammable paint (discontinued) applied to outer corner (small amount goes a long way)
  • Fig 1. eyeshadow applied to outer corner
  • Dark Soul pigment (LE?) applied to outer crease
  • Lurk About pigment (LE - similar to Frozen White pigment) applied above crease and close to brow bone
  • NYX Jumbo e/s Pencil in Milk applied to browbone
  • NYX eyeshadow in White applied as highlight
  • L'Oreal Lineur Intense liquid eyeliner on upper lash line
  • Revlon Colorstay eyeliner applied to lower waterline
  • unknown false eyelashes

I hope you guys like it. Thanks everyone for all the positive feedback on the past looks I've done!