Saturday, August 30, 2008

EDIT: Happy Labor Day Weekend!!

Greetings from Indio!! So I got here yesterday around 10pm or so because the family and I stopped by the Outlet to go shopping and we went to go eat after that. So far it's been nothing but hot weather & rain. And there's nothing worst than that because it's so humid!!

We didn't stay long at the outlet because we got there late and I was already tired. And there was actually a CCO there so thanks to Jen for correcting me. [: I guess I never noticed it before so I was happy to know that there was one. I have a small haul from CCO... a very SMALL haul so I'll be posting pictures later on tonight or tomorrow along with pictures from the resort & what not.

I'm leaving Indio tomorrow morning because we're stopping in LA to go to the fashion district and then we'll finally be heading home San Diego. Which reminds me, I have homework due this weekend :[ So until then I'll update you guys on what's been up with me and I'll have pictures posted soon. Take care everyone & have a great day.