Sunday, August 31, 2008

Back From Indio

So I'm back from Indio and I'm so happy to be back home where the weather isn't scorchering hot!! I have a few pictures to show but mostly of what I bought and not pictures of my overall trip.

But anyway... I plan on doing a pink & black FOTD sometime soon because a friend of mine who is getting married is having a bridal shower and she's having a pink theme so I'm excited about that!! [I love getting all dolled up with other beautiful ladies!] & speaking of the wedding, my auntie has chosen me to do her daughters hair & make-up, who happens to be the flower girl. Don't worry, I only plan on adding a little blush to the cheeks and a soft pink lipgloss on her. I'm more excited about doing her hair because my auntie was inspired by me when I used a 3-barrel curling iron on myself and she wants me to do that on her daughter. So yay i'm excited!!

But anywhoooo, for now I'll just post the pictures up and I'll update on some FOTDs soon. Take care everyone & have a goodnight [:

Hehe, just one for the trip. B]

The view from our balcony

We got our own TV at our table!!
By the way, say hi to my mom [:

Bringing a little bit of home to Indio, hehe. [:
Plus, gotta support my Chargers!!

2 Houndstooth scarves in teal & hot pink

[I love Houndstooth fabric!!]

I know I know... I'm guessing every one of you ladies has the MAC powder brush #136. But I was one of the unlucky ones who never had it!! And I was lucky enough to finally purchase it at CCO for $43.50!! Compare THAT to $62!!

Goldstroke pigment

Emote blush. & again, I know I'm late in purchasing this but I don't know why I never bought it when it came out in the Smoke Signals collection that came out 293840234 years ago!!!

Some jewelry purchased at the fashion district in downtown LA
Bought all these for half the price they usually are [;