Thursday, August 28, 2008

Happy Labor Day Weekend!!

Hello there! Okay so I know it's not the long weekend yet but I just wanted to blog because tomorrow after school the family & I are leaving for Indio, Ca. for the weekend. And I won't be back until Sunday. We're staying at a Worldmark Resort which I've been to about 4 times already. It's a great place to go and just relax and have a good time. It's smack down in the middle of the desert... well not really. It's not too far from Palm Springs so it will most def be hot as hell!! And it's a good thing my Auntie Flow came and went for a visit because I would not allow her to rain on my parade hehe. :D
With that said... every trip to Indio also includes a visit to one of THEE best outlet shopping centers I've ever been to. They have so many stores there, it's ridiculous. Unfortunately there's no MAC or CCO or anything like that but it's too hot to wear such make-up anyway. The outlet is called Desert Hills Premium Outlets in Cabazon, Ca. They have at least 130 stores in this outlet some including Juicy Couture, BCBG, Saks 5th Avenue, Calvin Klein, Charlotte Russe, Zumiez, etc.
So yeah, I just wanted to give you guys a quick update on what's gonna be going on for me this weekend. Now all's I gotta do is finish the last day of school for the week and I'll be good to go. It's my brother's 24th birthday this Monday & my boyfriends 21st birthday on Tuesday so yay for them!! LOL. I'll update when I get to Indio with pictures and what not.
Have a great weekend everyone. Take care!!