Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Victor picked up a few things for me over the past couple of days and I thought I'd put some of the things I got all together into one post to show -- what he calls -- an "overhaul". LOL. He's so sweet. Seriously, I've been getting mad at him lately over stupid things and yet he spoils me rotten. [:

We went to Target and I wasn't sure what I wanted. But one of the things I wanted included a new brush holder because the ones I were currently using were cheap pencil holders. One of the pencil holders actually spun, which I like, but I was in desperate need of an upgrade. Haha! I couldn't find anything that was the right size until we walked through the floral/home decor section and saw these glass cups for $3.99.


He also got me my long awaited MAC #129 blush brush. He knew I wanted this brush from the getgo. I get all shy around him when it comes to shopping around for make-up but he was the one who walked over to the MAC counter in the first place. LOL. I've been looking for an everyday powder brush and I think I found it. Yaaaay [:

I also got all 3 of the MSF's from the Brunette Blonde Redhead collection. OMFG, I love them. I also picked up MSF Natural in Medium Dark but I honestly think this color is way too dark for me. I never considered myself to be "dark" so when the lady picked it out for me, I just took her word for it. When I tried it the next day and saw myself in the mirror, I thought I looked so tan. LOL. I'm not sure about keeping it, we'll see.


We also went to CCO in San Ysidro so he could get me some lippies. As much as I hate that place I was just glad I wasn't going alone because the workers weren't bugging me since Victor was there. He was amazed at seeing how close Mexico was to us. LOL


Soooooo, I woke up super early to get ready for the whole free make-up craze that was going on. It was around 8am and I stopped at Target first because I knew Macy's wasn't open yet. Nothing was going on at Target, at least not that I knew of.

I was thinking of going home after but I decided to drive by Macy's just in case. Then I saw about 3 or 4 people in line so I jumped on the bandwagon and lined up. I called Victor to tell him to get ready and meet me at the mall so he can help me pick up some free stuff.

I felt bad for him for going through all the trouble of getting me free stuff that wouldn't even benefit him. I asked him if he wanted the men's shower gel but he said no.

He acted like such a baby though! All I heard from him was "I'm hot, I'm sweaty, I'm hungry, I have to pee." WOW, I can't shop with this fool! Hahahaha jk. I wanted to line up for Bloomingdales & Neiman Marcus but he said no. :[

I came home & showed my mom all the free goodies I got. Now she wants me to wake up early again tomorrow and get her some stuff. Hahaha. I wonder if they haven't sold out yet.