Thursday, April 30, 2009

UCSD VSA Culture Night 2009 (Picture Heavy)

Hi everyone, sorry no looks today but I was finally able to see the rest of the pictures from the fashion show. Hope you all enjoy!

Of course, these aren't ALL the pictures. There are plenty more in the link below. And I apologize that these pictures are in the wrong order but ever since I downloaded the latest version of Internet Explorer, I'm unable to drag pictures anymore. Oh well.

Credits to (more pictures on his website!!)

I've gotten a few questions regarding the fashion show I did so I decided to answer them on this post. (:

1.) How long did it take you to do make-up on all the girls?
• About 7 to 8 hours!! I believe I started on the first girl around 11AM and the show didn't start until 7. I was finished around 6:30PM. Not a lot of breaks were taken either.

2.) How did you match foundations with the different girls?
• Some of the ladies had brought their own foundation, so either I applied it for them, or they already had it on. I did do touch ups on concealer as well. Those who didn't bring any, I brought different shades of MAC & drugstore foundations and just went with what I felt best matched their skintone.

3.) Did you get paid for doing their makeup?
• Yes.

4.) How many girls did you do make-up for?
• 20 girls.