Friday, May 1, 2009

NYX Round Lipgloss Swatches

Happy first of the month!

So Tina also known as SpecialxGirl on blogger was so kind enough to send me some goodies. I received her package yesterday and she included my first NYX round lipgloss. She totally just took away my NYX round lipgloss virginity because they're so hard to find down here besides online.

I remember a long time ago I went to this store that sold jewelry and I saw a lot of NYX make-up there and so today I decided to drop by and see if they had any NYX round lipsticks/lipgloss. And to my surprise they did! They didn't have lipsticks though which sucked because I was looking forward to finding them there.

They also had a lot of Art Deco nailpolishes. And since a lot of you ladies are into nails and some are even doing tutorials, I know exactly where to get them now. (:

They also had Cherry Lashes as well as other brand lashes that I've never heard of. Cherry lashes were selling for like $3.99 which is crazy!! But from what I saw they looked really good though. I'm thinking of taking a break from Ardell lashes and trying the different brands I saw at this store.

Sorry for the low quality pictures.
These were taken with my blackberry.

(s.o.a. = s.o.q. made a typo!)