Friday, May 29, 2009

Eyebrow Tutorial

I've gotten many requests as to how I fill in my eyebrows. I've done a post about this once before but I deleted the video because you couldn't hear me talk all that well and I don't really use that technique anymore unless I had no other choice.

If you ever remembered how I did it before, it's pretty much the same thing except I've substituted certain products. There are many ways on how to fill in your eyebrows but this is just how I like to do it. There are no right or wrong ways how to do this so you don't necessarily have to do it exactly the way I did it. But overall, I hope this tutorial helps and thanks for the request everyone! (:

What you need:
an angled brush (I used the MAC #266 brush)
a concealer brush (I prefer a thinner brush for precise application)
brow powder & wax (you don't have to use the wax, I just prefer it. I used NYC Browser)
Concealer (MAC Studio Finish Concealer in NC30)
a cotton swab is optional

Here's what my eyebrow looks like with nothing on it.
I know you can see that I've overplucked in some areas. Haha.

The first thing I do is I dip my angled brush in the wax. A little of this wax goes a long way so only apply a little bit each time. I then dip the brush in the brow powder and I draw a line on the upper part of my eyebrow till I hit the top of my arch.

It should look like this.

If needed, I apply more wax and brow powder to the brush and from the top of my arch I bring it down to the end of my eyebrow.

I repeat the last step on the lower part of my eyebrow.
(I stop only at the arch this time)

With the remaining brow powder left on the brush, I use it to fill in the rest of my eyebrows. (I DO NOT dip the brush in the wax during this step. I notice that my eyebrows will have this waxy buildup if I use it to fill it in).

This step is optional and I sometimes ignore it but sometimes I'll take a cotton swab and run it above my eyebrows to remove any excess powder. This also cleans it up and makes your eyebrows look more neat. (I don't run the cotton swab on the lower part of my eyebrow, that's what the concealer is for in the next step).

Next, I apply concealer underneath my brows. This step is also optional but it's crucial for me. I notice a big difference when I do this step. With any eyebrows, I think doing this will give your eyebrows an even cleaner look especially if you want to cover up any sparse hairs that may be growing. (Don't forget to blend out your concealer and go back with your angled brush if you need to).

And that's pretty much it!! I also apply a highlight color (MAC Nylon eyeshadow) to my brow bone especially if I decide not to wear any other eyeshadow.