Monday, April 11, 2011

Matte & Crackle Nail Polishes From Born Pretty Store

So we all know how much matte and crackle nail polishes have made their way into the nail game for quite some time now. Some of us jump into the hype and some of us don't. I obviously like to know what's hot and what everyone is wearing because I want to be up to date about these things! Especially if it's something that's really eye catching. You can find these nail polishes at Born Pretty Store along with many other things. If you haven't checked out their website yet then I highly suggest you get to it soon.
When I received these nail polishes I tried to refer them back to their website so I can link my readers in case anyone would be interested in them. The problem is that their nail polish section isn't really categorized under brand names, rather their finishes. So if you visit their website and search under matte nail polishes or crackle nail polishes then you'll be able to find them. I will provide links to where you can find the nail polishes on their website.

I can't really describe this color but it's really pretty and it's different from a lot of nail polishes that I have. The website describes it as a shimmery gold but to me it's more on the shiny silver side with a touch of a rose color when it catches the light. It's really bright and metallic however it takes a while to dry on it's own. It's also a little hard to remove but it lasts all week.
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Crackle Nail Polishes

I'm still getting the hang of crackle nail polishes. It's really a hit and miss when you apply it because you're not sure if you're going to get the best crackle on the nail. It took me about two tries to get it right. You can see that on some nails it crackled really well while for some it didn't crackle so much. The reason is you have to apply just the right amount of polish to get a good amount of crackle. For best results I suggest a thin, even layer. These particular crackle polishes are also extremely difficult to remove! I spent a lot of time trying to remove every last residue of the polish and trust me, it took a lot of work! You can also see around the tip of the nail the way the crackle is really thin and close together. Those are typically the areas that chip off the fastest after a day or two. TIP: Apply crackle polish on top of a fresh manicure. I applied crackle nail polish on top of a few days old manicure and the crackle polish just flaked off. Top it off with a top coat for longevity.
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Matte Nail Polishes


The matte white polish is your basic stark white color. I thought it was a little TOO matte, if that makes sense. It looked a little bit chalky and streaky but would look great with a shiny top coat, which would basically defeat the purpose of a matte nail polish haha. The pinkish purple matte polish was really gorgeous. It's a matte polish but because it had shimmer in it, it looked more like a velvety-satin finish which I thought was really nice.
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