Monday, April 18, 2011

The Nude Pumps Diaries

If your remember about a month ago I blogged about how I was lusting over nude platform pumps. Well I was finally able to purchase them. Two pairs actually! So my boyfriend and I were shopping at the mall yesterday and we stopped by Nordstrom Rack to look for shoes that I wanted to wear for Easter. We were going up and down aisles and I found a cute pair of four inch nude heels from Jessica Simpson. They were your basic nude heels and I just had to get them! They were originally in the $70 range and I bought them for only $30!! It was a no brainer haha.

So I was still looking around and I found another AMAZING pair of nude PLATFORM pumps from Steve Madden that I fell completely in love with. Except they weren't the ones I have been looking for because they were open toe. Nonetheless they were still the sexiest pair of pumps ever and they were only $50 compared to their original price of over $100! I was torn between the two so I pretty much had to go with what my gut was feeling, which were the Jessica Simpson heels.

Being that I'm a pretty swift shopper and I have a good eye for hidden treasures, my boyfriend decided to hide the Steve Madden pumps in case I decided to come back and get them. I wear a size 7.5 and I wasn't going to take the risk of losing this pair so it was hidden in the most obscure place which happened to be in the corner of the highest shelf in the section of women's size 13 shoes!! Yeah, NOBODY was gonna find them! I made sure of it!!

So all night last night and all day today I kept thinking to myself that I had to go back and get that pair! And today I went back with my boyfriend to pick them up. I already had the pair in my hands, ready to checkout but my boyfriend and his crazy way of thinking thought that maybe we should check the aisles again in case I find a pair of the ones I really wanted (the ones pictured above). And oh my goodness was I glad that I listened to my boyfriend. At that point I was starting to think that he's my lucky shopping partner because he found it for me. The only problem was that the other shoe had been separated! 0__________0 I was about to cry!

But my wonderful boyfriend was so kind enough to help me go through EVERY. SINGLE. AISLE. of shoes until we found that missing shoe. Really though, he was such a good sport. Going up and down the aisles, scavenging through shelves of shoe boxes, being so determined to find it for me. Seriously ladies, my boyfriend is a great person to shop with hahaha!

Then FINALLY!!! It was like I heard angels singing and out of the mist of shoe boxes, there it was sitting all alone. And again there I was stuck between both pairs of Steve Madden pumps. Open toe? Closed toe? I couldn't choose!!! They were both sexy as hell! Obviously I went with what was most comfortable on my feet and what looked better with any outfit and of course, the one my boyfriend liked better on me. I'm so glad I found them! I think they were the only ones, at least in my size! And for a really inexpensive price which would have been sold for much more... I couldn't be happier!

So yeah, that pretty much covers my adventure for today hahaha. I ended up paying $50 for a $100 pair of shoes. I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one who would turn into an insane shopper! Lol thanks for reading! :)