Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Bdellium Tools Review & Photos

Besides collecting makeup, I love to collect makeup brushes. I'm always looking for new brushes to add to my collection and I love to branch out and try all different kinds of brands. I've always believed that it's not all about the kind of makeup you use. High end or drugstore, makeup is makeup! What's important is having the proper tools to help you achieve the looks you desire! The quality of your brushes can make all the difference in the outcome of your looks. Bdellium Tools (pronounced del-ee-yuhm, the "b" is silent) are antibacterial and eco-friendly handmade brushes made up of both natural and synthetic bristles. I've been testing these brushes out for a few weeks now and here's what I have to say about them!

Bdellium offers 4 different product lines:
Maestro Series Black painted handles, nickel plated brass ferrule that gives it more shine, has a more professional look to them.
Studio Line
Yellow painted handles, made to give you optimum control and comfort.
Travel Line
Same luxurious yellow painted handles in a more compact form.
Green Bambu
Eco-friendly brushes with handles made from bamboo, synthetic vegan bristles, hypoallergenic, 100% cruelty-free.

The difference between these collections of brushes compared to most brushes is their implementation of anti-bacterial technology. What is anti-bacterial technology? According to Bdellium's website, "Cutting edge anti-bacterial technology guards against harmful bacteria, fungus and mold which will bring you the utmost hygiene and assist in creating a germ-free environment. All of the materials used in the anti-bacterial process are non-toxic and safe to the environment." All of Bdellium's brushes except their Green Bambu line are treated with anti-bacterial agents. Having anti-bacterial treated brushes does not make them any different than your other brushes. You use them the same way and clean them like you would normally. For more info about their brushes check out their FAQs page.

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 #964M Maestro Series - All purpose blusher brush ($13.26)

After several uses & washes, MAC eyeshadow for size comparison
(Mix of natural and synthetic bristles) I've used this as a face and blush brush. I do have to say that I prefer to use it to apply blush rather than powder due to its size. I do however think that it's a great universal brush when you're traveling and you don't want to take too many brushes with you because it's fluffy enough to apply face powder but it provides just the right amount of density for applying blush. I'm a little particular when it comes to face brushes especially since I don't like the feeling of scratchy bristles or when bristles fall off and they get stuck to my face. This brush on the other hand gives me no problem. However, I did experience a little bit of shedding when I washed them. It didn't lose too many bristles but I typically like to see no shedding.

#945S - Contour brush ($8.76 USD)

After several uses & washes, MAC eyeshadow for size comparison
(Natural fibers) At first I thought this brush was too small to contour my big cheeks. I was wrong! This brush is great because it gives you precise application without making your face look too chiseled (if you know what I mean!). The dome shape makes it easy to contour and easy to blend out as well. I also like to use this brush for highlighting my cheek bones because the size is just right. This brush also did not have any fallout when using it but I did experience quite a few shedding when washed.

#716S - Smokey eyeliner brush ($7.51 USD)
(Synthetic bristles) This brush is soft with medium density. I find that it doesn't distribute eyeshadow very well compared to other pencil-shaped brushes that I have but it is great for smudging eyeliner and eyeshadow. I'm also very particular when it comes to pencil brushes because I feel like some of them are too scratchy. But since this is made of synthetic bristles, it feels very soft.

#936B - Concealer brush ($6.77 USD)

(Synthetic bristles, bamboo handles) This concealer brush has really soft bristles which makes applying concealer under my eyes a breeze! I typically REFUSE to use a concealer brush to apply concealer under my eyes because I feel like most of the time they are tugging or scratching my delicate eye area. That is one thing I cannot stand! That's why I usually settle for using my fingers, a blending brush, or a sponge to apply concealer. This brush however is amazing! The bristles are soft and flexible and it applies concealer so smoothly. It's also very lightweight which gives you full control of the brush and you don't over apply your concealer.

#708B - Bent eyeliner brush ($5.76 USD)
 → (Synthetic bristles, bamboo handles) This brush is by far my favorite eyeliner brush at the moment. I have quite a few eyeliner brushes and a couple of them have a bent head as well. However the bristles on my other eyeliner brushes are nothing compared to this brush. The only thing I would change is probably the length of the handle. I prefer to hold my brushes from a distance and this brush isn't long enough for me. However, I love the fact that the bristles are extremely thin which gives me full control of my eyeliner. I also love the density of the bristles because the problem with some of my other eyeliner brushes is that their bristles lose it's shape and they spread apart over time. The bristles on this brush stay put and bounce right back even after several washes.

These brushes are made with really great quality and are inexpensive. They apply and blend your makeup so effortlessly. If you were to hold these brushes in your hands you would think they would cost more than what they are. You can tell right off that bat that the brushes are made so well and I love that they're sleek and have a professional look to them. I would definitely consider these brushes high-end.

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