Wednesday, May 11, 2011

INGLOT Eyeshadow Swatches Part 2

Inglot eyeshadow swatches part 1

Here's another palette I purchased that is more focused on neutral colors. Since I'm loving everything about Inglot I wanted shadows that I could use more everyday, and well, you can never have too many neutral shades!

Eyeshadow Finishes:
Matte - flat finish with no shine, shimmer, or sparkle
Pearl - pearly sheen with a bit of a satiny frost but does not contain any bits of glitter
DS (Double Sparkle) - Matte based eyeshadow with sparkle
AMC (Advanced Makeup Component) - semi-matte base with sparkle but less glittery than DS finishes.
AMC Shine - Highly pigmented with a pearly, frosty finish. More shinier than Pearl finishes.

63 AMC Semi-matte with a slight sheen
52 AMC Light brown with flecks of gold glitter
457 DS Chocolate brown with gold shimmer
360 Matte Taupe color
390 Matte Pale taupe color

(I had a little bit a trouble photographing these because of its high sheen but the colors are a lot more pigmented than what is shown)
07 AMC Shine Shimmery light rose gold
08 AMC Shine Shimmery champagne with a golden sheen
393 Pearl Shimmery light peach
352 Matte Pale light pink
407 Pearl Coral with a golden iridescence