Thursday, September 25, 2008

Poor MAC Blush.. & more falsies

I usually look forward to Tuesday's & Thursday's because they're the only days where I come home early and it's usually the time I update my blog. I was thinking of doing a FOTD but instead I decided to depot some of my MAC blushes because they've been sitting in my make-up drawer.

I'm usually very careful when it comes to depotting eyeshadows & blushes but for some reason my Emote blush did not want to cooperate with me. :[

a few chippings on the side after dropping on the floor

the outcome of it after dropping it in the sink. :[

I did have the chance to press it back together but, I'm not all that great at pressing because I get so messy & impatient. hehe. But hopefully by tomorrow it'll look "okay" and I'll still be able to use it. Anyway... just wanted to show you more false eyelashes that I bought at Sally's a few days ago. I am seriously taking advantage of this whole buy 1 get one for $.99. Hahaha.


my 2nd pair of Wispies.