Friday, December 17, 2010

False Eyelashes from KKCenterhk

You all know I LOVE false eyelashes! Everything to the type of style or brand, I love them all! I personally think that a pair of falsies will complete every look you do. It just adds a little more flare especially if you have short stubby lashes that look almost nonexistent *cough* like me! Well mine aren't really stubby or nonexistent, but they are fairly short in my opinion. That's why I always settle for a pair of lashes. Majority of the time I do wear false eyelashes. As far as going out, I can't remember the last time I didn't wear any. It's just my personal preference that I would much rather wear them than not. That's just me!

Anyway, these lashes were specially sent from KKCENTERHK.COM for me to show you guys just how awesome their lashes are. As always for a lot of Asian brand lashes, you typically get 10 pairs in one box which to me is a better deal than purchasing one pair. Since it all comes in one box, every pair comes out to be less than a dollar for most of these lashes. Typical lashes get pricey, I'm telling you! So these are a steal. They also sell wigs, nail polish, accessories, even leggings! There's a ton of stuff on their website, so check it out!

Brand: ES
Style: A013
Price: $2.80 USD for 10 pairs
Semi-stiff band but easily conforms to your eyelid shape
Personally one of my favorites of the bunch
I'm in love with the criss-cross pattern in these lashes

 → Brand: ES
Style: A715
Price: $8.40 USD for 10 pairs
 These lashes would definitely satisfy everyone!
They're more like your "Can't Go Wrong With This Pair" of lashes. If you get my drift!
They look very natural but they're long enough to give you extra flare.
At first I thought these were too natural for me but as you can see, they look amazing!

Brand: ES
Style: A22
Price: $2.80 USD for 10 pairs
The band was so stiff that I thought it was going to feel uncomfortable but once on, it felt fine
It feels very unnatural but it looks amazing!
Another one of my favorites!

Brand: ES
Style: A222
Price: $6.30 USD for 10 pairs
Short natural looking lashes with a semi-stiff band
These do not flare whatsoever, they're almost stick straight
These are perfect for people with really short lashes and want a little oomph!
May require curling with an eyelash curler to give it more volume

 Brand: LSS
Style: A7
Price: $12.50 USD for 10 pairs
 Very thin and flimsy band
Wasn't sure how I felt about this pair at first but after having it on, I fell in love!
They're long and they flare perfectly
They look a little spaced out at first glance but they blend nicely with your natural lashes making them look fuller.

Recommendations: Styles A013, A715 and A7
Pass Up: Style A222

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