Tuesday, December 21, 2010

What's Inside Your Medicine Cabinet?

What's inside your medicine cabinet? I just randomly decided to take a picture of what's inside my medicine cabinet to share with everyone. It is somewhat beauty related so why the heck not! I have my own bathroom at home (I still live with my parents -__-) so it's nice to have a bathroom all to myself. This particular medicine cabinet is frameless with recessed mirrors and adjustable shelves. So basically, it's covered with mirrors! I usually keep my skincare products inside of mine since I'm at the sink washing my face anyway. That way I can reach for my facial cleanser and moisturizer when I need it. Keep in mind this is not where everything is kept. I have other shelves in my bathroom that contain other facial necessities and such but this post is only dedicated to my medicine cabinet. :)

Top row: I have a travel size baby powder for when I would travel. I don't use it that much but I have used it as an alternative to my dry shampoo even though it doesn't work nearly as well. It sucks actually, lol. I keep an empty spray bottle that had makeup remover in it but it's empty now. I keep Anbesol in the very back put you can't see it and my deodorant as well as this mud mask for your body from Bath & Body Works. I don't use it but I have no other place to keep it so it stays there! I also have a few hair styling products that have been collecting dust for quite some time now.

Middle row: This is where I keep my toners, pore masks, teeth whiteners and a few of my perfumes. I think my perfume looks really random there but again, I was just filling up space at the time so I decided to put a few in there.

Bottom row: This is where I keep some of my facial cleansers and face masks. I'm currently using St. Ives as my facial cleanser and exfoliator. Next to it I keep my contact lens solution. I don't usually wear contact lenses. The only time I ever wear them is to do a look or if I feel like being a little more festive. I have this Estee Lauder Night Repair serum and this prescription face cream when I used to have a lot of breakouts. Next to that I have this whitening mask which I'm currently testing out. I just bought it 2 weeks ago so I'm still on the fence about it. I'm hoping to do a review on it soon! The pink bottle is my moisturizer and next to it is my Queen Helene Mint Julep Mask which I recently restocked on. I couldn't find it at this place where I usually saw them but I finally found them at Bed Bath & Beyond. I also keep my Perricone eye cream, Cetaphil for when my skin gets oily, and mouth wash!

What's in your medicine cabinet?