Monday, December 13, 2010

Scentsy! (Non-Makeup Related)

My cousin is a new consultant for Scentsy and she introduced my whole family to this amazing product! I've had a product similar to this except it used real candles to heat up the wax (or oil) but I love the fact that Scentsy uses a light bulb. So not only can you switch it on and off whenever you please, but you don't have to worry about causing a fire either! My mom and I both have one and so do all my cousins and my aunts! Also, the scents are amazing! There are so many to choose from!

My top scents are
  • Kahiko Hula
  • Guava Nectar
  • Enchanted Mist
  • Sweet Pea & Vanilla
  • Camu Camu
  • Vanilla Cream
There are so many really good scents and I can't wait to buy more! If you're interested in purchasing a product for yourself or as a gift for the holidays, you can host a Scentsy party or you can find a consultant in your city by visiting their website. They also have really cute Scentsy warmers that come in different sizes, colors and designs. They have one that's good for the whole house, a mid-size for your bedroom, and they also have a plug-in if you decide to put one in your bathroom. If you guys have never tried Scentsy I can't even tell you guys how amazing the scents are! I find them a lot better than candles, and you know how pricey candles can get! I'm currently using Enchanted Mist and OMG, it smells so good! I put my Scentsy warmer on my nightstand by my bed and when I go to sleep at night, I could still smell it even when it's not on! The scents aren't too strong either. And let me tell you, I cannot put up with really strong scents because I get a headache really easily. But I love these! They smell amazing without being too powerful. I'm seriously in love with it! I'm thinking of getting one for my boyfriend to put in his room hehe.

Basically to use the warmer, all you have to do is put in one cube of the scent that you want inside the dish and let the heat from the light bulb melt the wax. Each cube can last up to 12 hours and I personally don't even use them all day, so to me that's a very long time! You can also easily switch scents if you feel like changing things up. All you have to do is pour the melted wax back into the packaging and wipe off any excess that is left in the dish.

My warmer is called Raven -- from their Twist Collection

Camu Camu, Guava Nectar, Sweet Pea & Vanilla