Tuesday, July 14, 2009

J. Lynne Cosmetics

Thank you to those who were kind enough to ask questions on my previous post. Feel free to ask more questions if you have any. I'll be sure to do a separate post to answer them. (:

If you remember a while back I did a product review/testimonial/look using J.Lynne Cosmetics. I was contacted by J.Lynne to do another product review as well as a before and after look. Since I know combining all of these into one post would be really long, I decided to do a 2 or 3 part post.

This first post is gonna show you the overall products that I received as well as the description of these products. Within the next couple of posts I will do swatches and a review and lastly, I will do a before and after look using J.Lynne. So stay tuned for the upcoming reviews & look! (:

**Descriptions about each product can be found on their website at

DESCRIPTION: J.Lynne mineral blushes offer a touch of soft, pure color that will help every woman enhance her own true, natural beauty! Created with soft, silky, all-natural minerals and pigments, our loose powder mineral blush colors range from soft and subtle to lush and rich -- and all may be applied lighter or deeper depending on your skintone.

DESCRIPTION: The soft, illuminating, air-brushed look of pure beauty ... That's what our Mineral Glow powders will bring to your skin! Imagine the warm glow of candlelight, and how it seems to make your skin look softer, smoother, and lit with a natural, youthful glow. Our loose mineral powders create that same look of warmth, using pure mica pigments to lend a soft color to your skin. Use these silky powders on your face, neck, and decolleté ... Try them as sheer eyeshadows or blushes ... The results are positively glowing!

DESCRIPTION: From soft to vivid, smoky to deep -- our Satin Pearls Mineral Eyeshadows encompass a wide range of shades and tones, created to compliment your eyes with true, lasting, and lustrous color! With their soft, smooth texture and beautifully luminous finish, these colors are as luxurious as satin, with the true luster of a pearl.

DESCRIPTION: J.Lynne mineral eyeliner colors are mysterious, bold, and always dramatic! Our mineral eyeliners will frame your eyes with smouldering colors designed to bring out the true intensity of your gaze. Whether you're a "Charmer" or a "Tigress", these deeply pigmented and dramatic eye makeup colors will define your eyes and leave your admirers breathless!

DESCRIPTION: The ultimate long-lasting, glossy-shine, all natural lip gloss is finally here! J.Lynne Cosmetics Gloss FX® Lip Glaze brings pizazz to your pout with lush, juicy colors that give your lips an incredible dose of shine, color, and moisture. Think your lips are in need of some special effects? Give 'em Gloss FX® and shine like a star!

DESCRIPTION: J.Lynne's smooth, light weight mineral foundation combines the benefits of a loose mineral powder with the full coverage of a liquid. But unlike traditional liquid and creme foundations, our mineral make-up foundation feels soft, silky, and breathable on your skin -- never heavy or mask-like. We formulate our mineral foundations with pure titanium dioxide and zinc oxide, which provide completely natural sun protection and excellent coverage for every skin type!

DESCRIPTION: What do you get when you combine the lush, lasting color of a lipstick with the moisture and feel of natural lip balm? J.Lynne Smooth Color Lip Cream! The perfect marriage of smoooooth, moisture-rich lip color in a convenient, lip balm style tube. Pure ingredients in a lush, organic lipstick base, with color and moisture that lasts, all naturally!
Please Note: Our Smooth Color Lip Creams are designed to beautifully enhance your natural lip color. Due to the all-natural formula and unique pigmentation that works with the warmth and color of your lips, shades may appear deeper in the tube than as shown in the color swatches. J.Lynne makes every attempt to photograph and describe each color accurately; however due to variances in monitor settings and visual perceptions, these colors may apply differently on your lips than they appear in the swatches. Because this is an all-natural product, it is susceptible to temperature changes, so be sure to allow the lip cream to come to room temperature before use.

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