Friday, July 3, 2009

LOOK: Pinky Brown

Hello! Remember me? I know I haven't done a look in over a month! How sad :( I feel sorry for my blog and I feel guilty that I haven't had the time to update. Well, as you all know I'm taking summer classes. One online and one on campus and if you don't know already, summer classes are very fast paced. I've been in one of my classes for just about a week or two and we already covered 4 chapters and just got done taking the first exam. So it's a little hectic! I was finally able to do a look since I knew that I had no actual homework due within the next couple days. I was gonna try to squeeze in another look tonight but I just wanted to get this one out there so I can at least say that I've updated my blog. (:

Oh yeah, I wanna thank everyone again for voting on my poll. I was really hoping to see one of the choices hit at least 50% of the votes before the deadline, and it did. I'm surprised to see that many of you would prefer to see neutral/everyday looks. So I'll be sure to do more of those. I just hope you guys don't mind the bright colors that I like to the squeeze in every now and then (:

On to the look... I hope I haven't lost my touch since I haven't done ANY makeup in a while. Hope you like it.