Thursday, August 12, 2010

Doll Eyed Look Using Lash Royalty

My dog chewed up my memory stick for the camera that I usually use to take my makeup looks with so I had to settle for my bulky DSLR which sucks because even though it takes amazing pictures, it's not user friendly when I'm trying to take pictures of eye closeups and what not. So I did my best to take as good enough pictures I can with what I had.

Anyway, if you read my last post, you know that I received some false eyelashes from LashRoyalty and it included these short stubby lashes which looked like they were meant for your lower lash line. Today I decided to play around with it since I've NEVER tried putting lashes on my lower lash line before. For an Asian girl, my lower lashes are fairly long but I still wanted to give this a try.

I kept it totally natural. No eye makeup whatsoever except eyeliner and a highlight color on the inner corners just to make my eyes pop. Other than that, I just let the lashes do all the work. Anyway, I tried to make this as dolled up as I can. I even threw in my contact lenses to really make them pop. I'm wearing Fresh Look lenses in Sterling Grey, if anybody is curious.