Wednesday, August 11, 2010

LOOK: Sultry Golden + Lash Royalty - Review, Photos and Swatches

I was kind enough to receive lashes from Lash Royalty and you guys know how crazed I am over lashes! I was inspired by the name Lash Royalty because when I think of Royalty I think of high status, major blingage, the one who wears the crown, etc. I also wanted to use my Sugarpill Goldilux loose eyeshadow so I decided to put two amazing products together into one look. I hope you like it! Products used and review on these lashes at the end. :)

UDPP as a base
Sugarpill loose eyeshadow in Goldilux applied to inner 3/4 of the lid
MAC Romp eyeshadow applied above crease
MAC Carbon eyeshadow applied to outer 1/4 of the lid
MAC Nylon eyeshadow applied to inner corners
MAC Shroom eyeshadow applied as a highlight
MAC Eye Kohl in Smolder smudged on lower and upper lash line
Lash Royalty lashes in Miss Cherie

MAC Ambering Rose

MAC 4N Lipstick

Lash Royalty

I received these lashes from and I love them! I love everything from its packaging to the lashes. These lashes are very comparable to your top of the line lashes because they are made with such great quality. The look and feel of them couldn't be any more comfortable on my eyes.

One drawback about these lashes is the variety of lashes are that are available. But then again, all the lashes are very different in their own way that there has to be one design out there for everyone! Another drawback would have to be the price. At $15 a pair, I could probably stock up on 4 pairs of lashes from a different brand. But keep in mind the quality of these lashes! The lashes aren't at all flimsy, and the band isn't too thick where it feels stiff and uncomfortable.

If you see the look I did above, you can see that I'm not wearing any obvious eyeliner on my upper lash line because I wanted to show you guys how close I was able to get to my real lash line with these lashes. While some lashes feel heavy on my eyes, these felt very light like I wasn't wearing any!

I believe these are bottom lashes.

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