Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Product Review: Petal Fresh Whitening Facial Clay Masque, Before & After

I went to this local cosmetics beauty store in San Diego (Chula Vista to be exact) called Cosmetics Palace. They sell a lot of inexpensive cosmetics in bulk such as nail products, false eyelashes, makeup brushes, etc. You won't find your high-end luxury makeup brands there that's for sure. To be honest, I even saw fake MAC products on their counter but of course I had no intentions of purchasing it.

The only time I stop by this place is to restock on false eyelashes because they sell one of my favorite brand of lashes, Elegant Lashes. They also sell a lot of NYX and Jordana cosmetics as well. My first time ever coming to this place I saw my favorite facial mask which is the Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque and at the time I was already stocked on that product. I recently ran out and decided to make a quick stop to purchase it but unfortunately they didn't have it. I did manage to find that masque at Bed Bath & Beyond but that's another story!

Anyway, I was looking at this section where they had other facial masks and I came across this one by Petal Fresh. Now to be honest, I have never heard of this brand but I was tempted to buy it because it was a WHITENING clay masque which I needed terribly because of my post acne scars that wouldn't go away. I was on the fence about purchasing it because it looked pretty generic to me and I was afraid to put any unfamiliar products on my face. But I went with my gut feeling and I bought it and I have to say that this product does work for the most part. Just look at the before and after picture! You can see exactly where I had the most problematic areas in the before picture. Although in the packaging it states that results may be visible within 8 weeks of continuous use, this is the result of just 4 weeks! Amazing right?! I could only imagine how much better my skin will be after 8 weeks of use considering the visible results I got in just half the time.

This is the result of just 4 weeks of continuous use
I try to use this product about twice a week.
Once on the weekdays and once on the weekend.

AVAILABILITY:  As far as I know I have only seen this at my local cosmetics store. I'm not sure about the availability of it online.
PRICE: $3-$5 USD
SIZE: 150 ml (6 fl oz)

WOULD I RECOMMEND THIS PRODUCT? For people who can't get rid of post acne scars and redness then yes, I highly recommend it!


Fast results although it may vary between others using it.
No tingly feeling which is a love/hate factor for me. Sometimes I like it sometimes I don't.
Applies smoothly. It almost feels like you're just applying lotion on your face.
Consistency is great. It's not too thick.
No harsh odors.
Has a slight scent of green tea which to smells a lot better than perfume smells.
Dries fast.

It does not say anything about preventing or diminishing the appearance of pimples.
May be difficult to find.

When using products that whiten your face, it's important that you don't expose your skin directly in the sunlight especially after using a product like this. It may cause redness and irritation and could also defeat the purpose of the product. So I highly suggest using this product only at night.

At first I didn't see any obvious differences when I would see myself in the mirror. But the pictures have made me believe otherwise. So I am very happy with this product! Even if my face isn't close to flawless yet, I'm extremely satisfied with the results. I have had a lot of problems with post acne scars and hyperpigmentation on my face and this whitening masque has helped a lot at diminishing them.

Although it says that it helps cleanse pores, I wasn't looking so much into that so I haven't really noticed any dramatic differences in my pores. I mainly bought this for the purpose of whitening my complexion.

DISCLAIMER: The products reviewed on this blog are based on the opinions and experiences of the author. This product was purchased by the author and in no way was this review influenced by the company of the product.