Sunday, November 9, 2008

I Love My Bamboozle

I know it has nothing to do with make-up. But the purpose of this blog [and the whole point of changing my URL] is to post a lot of random things that aren't make-up related. I love my Wacom Bamboo touchpad. Victor [my boyfriend] bought it for me during the summer and I've just been going crazy with it. And since it comes with Photoshop, I get to play with it and do all this stuff. I'm so diggin it right now. Sometimes I neglect it and it just sits on my desk but when I do have the time to use it, I get so happy and my creativity starts to shine through. Haha. Did I ever mention back in high school I wanted to become a Graphic Designer? Blahhh I guess not so much anymore. So much for my creativity. I guess that's what make-up is for right? Haha, anyhooot, I'm bored.