Tuesday, November 4, 2008

FOTD: Every Day Look

Sorry for the lack of updates! Anyway, it's cold in San Diego now! It was raining all day today but the sun is starting to come out. I haven't been doing that many FOTD's lately just because I haven't felt like it. And even if I did I'd most likely just do my "every day look". I think I've officially labeled this as my every day look because it's really simple to do and it's pretty natural. I'm not gonna list what I used because I've mentioned almost all these products before in my natural & brown looks. And this look can be easily duplicated using different products that look the same. But I hope you like it!

My funky double eyelid.
This happens sometimes when I wake up in the morning.

check out my big ass forehead :P

Bought an Essential Tools contour brush [little fall-out after washing, almost as soft as the MAC 168 but not quite, Ardell lashes in 101 Demi & 105, & Silk Elements hair conditioner. [Review for this product will be posted soon]

I VOTED! I went to the nearest voting poll which happens to be at my old Jr. High up the street and when I turned in my ballot the lady asked me if I was hispanic. I said no I'm Filipino and she gave me this sticker. Haha.