Monday, December 29, 2008

Inspirational Look: Blue & Purple

I tried to replicate this inspirational look as best I could, but I failed to do so. I found this picture on Google [searched: sephora model]. I was almost almost almost thinking of doing this look for L's 2nd contest but after seeing the other entries that have already been submitted, I realized this isn't "runway" enough. But since I haven't done any looks in a while, due to my sickness, I just felt like playing with make-up for my own pleasure. :)

sorry the picture is so small.

eyeshadow on my right eye doesn't look blended. not cool. :[

can you tell i'm not wearing any foundation?
you can really see the uneven skintone :[

UDPP as base
MAC Otherwordly p/p on inner eyelid & inner lower lashline
MAC Electosky p/p on outer lid & outer lower lashline
e8 on top of Otherworldly p/p & lower lashline [88 palette]
e7 blended on top of e8 [88 palette]
f5 blended together [88 palette]
g1 applied above crease [56 palette]
f1 on outer corner & outer lower lashline[56 palette]
MAC Intense Purple e/s applied on outer corner
MAC Carbon e/s applied on outer corner

88 Palette
56 Palette