Friday, December 12, 2008

TAGGED: 16 Random Facts

I'm lagging! Everyone is doing their 16 random facts but me. I was gonna do this in a video but I'm taking too damn long so I figured typing it would make it go by faster.

I've been tagged by: Veraology, vietxpinay, haulinbroad, viancasayys, notarichgirl & I don't know who else... I think I'm forgetting someone. hehe

ONE. I get car sick easily. Ever since I was a kid I would get dizzy or get headaches and I'll eventually wanna throw up. I either have to be the one driving or in the passenger seat when it comes windy roads or going up mountains and such. Everything else is okay. Oh, and I can't read, watch movies or even text message for too long or I'll eventually feel nauseous. LOL

TWO. I don't have a best friend. I used to have a lot of best friends back in high school where we talked about being best friends forever and living in the same neighborhood and our kids playing together and them being BFF's too. Yeah, that all ended for me once college hit. I'm still friends with most of them but they have their own best friends now. I do have GOOD friends but I don't have that best female friend that I can just run to and talk about my period or something.

THREE. You know how girls have their specific turn ons when it comes to a guy? I mean, despite the nice eyes, cute smile, good personality stuff... I'm talking about the material things. You know how girls like guys who have nice shoes or whatever.. I like guys who wear nice jeans. I'm serious. I'm a sucker for guys who wear nice jeans. Anything from Naked & Famous Denim, Nudie Jeans, Samurai Jeans, APC, Kicking Mule Workshop, Sugarcanes, Imperial, etc. I mean seriously, have you looked at a guys ass in a good pair of jeans? It's so sexy. [and I hate guys who sag their pants]. Not only that but I like a guy who has a nice car. I don't mean the expensive shit, I'm not all about that. I'm more into import cars [yeah, my BF is a racer], someone who's into JDM stuff. Yup, I love a clean raced out car [: Oh & one more... I love a guy who rides a motorcycle. It's not so much the guy that I like, it's more of the helmet he wears when he rides. Seriously, I love the way a helmet looks on any guy. Just keep your helmet on, and I'm good. hehe.

FOUR. I've done a lot of bad things in high school. If you knew me in high school, you probably would've never thought this unless you were one of my close friends. I may look innocent but I've been through a lot. I've ditched countless times & almost got caught up by teachers, I got drunk on campus, I've blazed, I almost got into a fight when I was freshman, the list goes on & on.

FIVE. I love gangster movies/tv shows. Anything from the tv shows like Gangland or Lockup on MSNBC, to movies like Boys In The Hood, American Me, Deuces Wild, Blood In Blood Out, Colors, etc. I'm just so interested in the gangster/mafia life. [:

SIX. My boyfriend and I have matching tattoos. We got it done on our 7 month anniversary. We didn't have anything special planned that day so we were being spontaneous and decided to get tatted. We got it done together, side by side. [:

SEVEN. I love breakfast food. But I hate breakfast in the morning. Haha. I can eat breakfast at any time of day. I'm just not a big morning person so I hardly ever eat breakfast in the morning. But breakfast food is my favorite :D

EIGHT. I recently had a phone bill that cost $1,227.20 I have proof if you don't believe me. I have stacks & stacks of paper showing my phone bill and it was all from being on the phone with my boyfriend. LOL. It was weird because my BF and I have the same company and they didn't charge him for being on the phone with me but they charged me instead. And I thought it was supposed to be Mobile2Mobile. But I don't know, it was so confusing. So I got in big trouble by my dad. But now my BF gave me a cell phone that I could use so my dad doesn't have to go through this situation anymore. LOL

NINE. I smoke cigarettes. :[ I know it's bad but blame my boyfriend! My boyfriend smokes on a regular but I don't. I'm more of a social smoker and I don't smoke because it "feels good". I'm not the type to relieve stress by smoking a stoge. It's just something to do when you're with people who smoke too. Haha. I did quit for a short while but ever since my BF came back down here to visit me, I started to smoke again. But don't worry, I can easily quit if I really wanted to. I just keep a pack in my purse when I'm just in the mood.

TEN. I love ranch dressing. That shit is the done deezy. I love it with my fried chicken, my pizza, my everything. LOL. Oh & hot sauce. I love all my food spicy but ranch dressing will always be numero uno.

ELEVEN. I've been proposed to once. Like seriously, none of that puppy love shit. Except this guy was desperate and he was all butt hurt because I fell for another guy. I'm sorry but he deserved it. We were on & off for 2 years and when we were "off" I met another guy and he got desperate to win me back so he thought asking me to marry him would win my heart. I'm sorry, but no.

TWELVE. I have 3 chicken pox scars on my face and I kinda like it. [: Which leads me to another point. I like people with scars because scars tell stories about their childhood or past, and I love that! If you're completely flawless all around, then you're just boring. It makes me think you had no adventure or you never took chances as a kid regardless of what could've happened to you. Haha I'm just kidding. A lot of my friends have very distinct scars from their childhood and I'm always the type of person to ask how they got it. [:

THIRTEEN. I used to steal. Haha. I was so bad back in my teeny bopper days. I would steal clothes from Hollister, Hot Topic and even little shit from Sanrio. I don't forgive myself for doing that but that was then.

FOURTEEN. When I turned 16, my best friends threw me a surprise party. It was funny because I kept bitching to my mom and my boyriend [at the time] about how my friends forgot my birthday because they would always be at each others houses and didn't invite me. But all this time they were together, they were planning my surprise party. It made me realize I had the best of friends anyone could ask for. It's too bad we're not like that anymore, and I miss it.

FIFTEEN. I love the old family sitcoms that we grew up watching as a kid. And shut up don't lie you know you watched these as a kid too! I love watching Family Matters, Fresh Prince, Full House, Saved By The Bell, etc. I'm glad they still show most of these shows but I do wish they brought back Boy Meets World. [I'm watching Full House as I type this] Don't be a hater :P

SIXTEEN. I get mistaken a lot about my ethnicity. Some people assume I'm mexican so when I go places they automatically speak spanish to me. When I used to work at Circuit City, majority of my customers came up to me speaking spanish. One lady got mad because I wasn't mexican because she needed to speak to someone who understood spanish. It was funny because she was speaking english. LOL. Sometimes people think I'm part white, part filipino, part cambodian, part guamanian, etc. My mom actually looks mexican or mixed so I get it from her.