Thursday, January 20, 2011

Hello Kitty Fan? Born Pretty Store Discounts & Coupons!

Born Pretty Store is a wholesale cosmetics store online that sells everything from nail products, to false eyelashes, to beauty products. Right now they are offering customers a Hello Kitty Nail Art Stamping Plate which is not for sale on their website. But by entering the coupon code below, you can get it as a free gift with your purchase. You also get FREE SHIPPING on your purchases! So if you'd like to know where to get false eyelashes like the ones I wear, then this is definitely one of the website I would check out. Also, if you love doing nails, they offer so many nail tools and nail decorations for a really inexpensive price. Hope you all decide to check it out. Happy shopping!

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Coupon code BP299 to get a free Hello Kitty Nail Art Stamping Plate:
This code DOES NOT expire but they only have a limited amount of these plates so get them while you still can!