Sunday, January 9, 2011

Lower Lashes from KKCenterhk

Upper lashes are the thing of the past! No I'm just kidding. But lower lashes are definitely making their way through the beauty scene and you can see them coming up more and more these days. You can find these lower lashes at along with many other lashes of different lengths and styles.

I chose this style of lashes because I thought they looked very natural for lower lashes. They're not too long and they're spaced out in perfect proportion to real lower lashes. I did however decide to cut these lashes in half because one strip would be way too long for my taste but you can style them however you'd like.

Brand: Ballerina
Style: VM411
Price: $13.20 USD for 10 pairs

Upper falsies are from Elegant Lashes #001

Overall, I enjoy wearing lower falsies. It's definitely something I should practice in my looks more often because it reminds me of Kim Kardashian's eyelashes. She always has both her top and bottom lashes on point and mascara can only push my lower lashes so far. So having these on definitely give my eyes that extra voluminous look. I'd have to say that lower lashes are definitely a lot easier to apply than upper lashes but sometimes it may look a little fake when you're up close because you can see exactly where they are placed. But from a distance they look great! They also look very natural, especially this pair. And they blend nicely especially if you already have existing lower lashes. They also don't poke your eye or feel uncomfortable. With that said, I think everyone should give lower lashes a try because you shouldn't forget your lower lashes! They deserve some love too! I think they make a huge difference in your makeup especially if you decide to go with really dramatic upper false lashes. So having lower lashes to balance out the dramatic upper lashes will call for a perfect look. :)

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