Friday, January 21, 2011

Updated Eyebrow Tutorial Version 3.0!

I'm back again with yet another updated eyebrow tutorial. I think this is my third time doing a tutorial except it's the same routine as the recent one I had, I just decided to redo them with different pictures. I'm also using the same products listed below. So as you can see I've been using this technique for about a year now and you can tell that nothing has changed!

For those who are wondering, I don't get my eyebrows professionally waxed, plucked, or threaded. I pluck my own eyebrows as often as necessary. I usually pluck them before I start my makeup. I also trim my eyebrows with scissors every few weeks and I shave the tops of my brows for a more clean look. I don't usually have a time when I do trim them I just trim them whenever I feel like they're getting too long. It seems like a lot of steps to filling in my eyebrows but honestly it takes me no more than 5 minutes. Especially if you've been doing them the same way for as long as I have then it's gonna be cake every single time. But anyway, I hope you all learn something from this tutorial. Enjoy!

Tools For Grooming Eyebrows:
Tweezers to pluck stray hairs.
Eyebrow razor to shave the top of your brows for a cleaner look. It can also be used to shave in between your brows if you have a uni-brow. You can use any brand you like. I bought mine at a dollar store and it works the same as any other kind.
Small scissors to trim your brows if the hairs are too long.

What You Will Need To Fill In Your Eyebrows:

2 angled brushes
N.Y.C. Brow/Eye Liner Pencil in Taupe #927
N.Y.C. Browser in Brunette
MAC Studio Finish Concealer

Here are my eyebrows with no product on them.

STEP 1. By following the natural shape, I draw a straight line on the upper part of my eyebrows, beginning from the inner part and stopping at the arch.
STEP 2. I do the same to the lower part of my eyebrows, stopping at the arch.
This is how it should look like so far.
STEP 3. Fill in between the two lines you just created with soft strokes and keeping the inner part still bare.
STEP 4. Take your spoolie brush (MAC 204) and brush the hairs to create a natural look. This will also bring more color to the inner part.
This is how it should look like so far.

STEP 5. Apply a thin amount of wax and brow powder to your angled brush (MAC 266) and starting from the upper part of your arch, create the tail of your brows.
STEP 6. Repeat Step 5 on the lower part of your eyebrows.
STEP 7. Without using anymore product, lightly shade in the remaining part of your brows.
This is how it should look like so far.
STEP 8. With another angled brush (Sigma E65) take a little bit of concealer and run in under your brows for a clean look.
STEP 9. Repeat the Step 8 for the upper part of your brows.

Finished Brows!