Wednesday, August 24, 2011

False Eyelashes Collection!

I recently decided to transfer my makeup around because a lot of it was out in the open. I decided to move my most frequently used items closer to my vanity rather than in a separate drawer. Then I ended up putting my lash collection into the empty drawers because they were so unorganized on top of my vanity. It wasn't a pretty sight to see especially since I have so much of them and the boxes would even topple on top of each other. It just looked really cluttered and I didn't like seeing it. Once I was done putting them into the drawer I realized that I've accumulated so many falsies over a period of time. The drawer is already almost filled and it is the biggest drawer I have! If that doesn't scream false eyelashes addict, I don't know what does. What can I say? I love falsies! :D