Saturday, August 27, 2011

Revlon Precision Lash Adhesive Review

I'm so excited to review this product because I love it so much! I'm such a crazy falsies person and I swear by this product that applying my lashes have never been so much easier until now! I'm telling you guys, this is probably by far the best lash adhesive I've tried, and I've tried it all! I've been use false eyelashes for so many years now and even though I've gotten used to applying them, using this adhesive has made it 10x easier! I kid you not, this stuff is amazing. I've been an avid user of DUO adhesive and LashGrip adhesive and yes, it gets the job done. But there's something so different about the Revlon adhesive that makes it stand out from the rest and I highly recommend it for everyone from lash beginners to experts! I can't stress it enough how easy this makes applying false eyelashes. I practically call this stuff mistake-proof!

□ It's in a bottle form with a brush applicator. No more spilling or wasting too much adhesive!
□ No wait time for the product to get tacky. The formula is already sticky so you can apply your lashes right away.
□ It's inexpensive and can be found at most drugstores (around $4.99USD)
□ No need to reapply any eyeliner on top of the glue because it's not visible.
□ The formula is a lot thinner than regular lash glue so a little bit goes a long way which is great because your lashes look much more cleaner without the any visible sign of glue showing.
□ The glue is already clear but it has a slight bluish tint to it, I don't know why. But once it's on your eyes, it's invisible.
□ Lashes stay on all day with no peeling on the inner or outer corners (one of my biggest pet peeves).
□ Latex-free for those who are allergic.
□ Definitely mess-free application.
□ Easy to remove.
□ Brush applicator allows for easy touchup when needed.
□ Waterproof.

□ None!

This picture was taken right after I applied the lashes. I have no makeup on and no eyeliner on.
You can see there is no visible sign of glue showing. :)

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