Wednesday, August 10, 2011

KkCenterHk's Beauty Angel Special Edition Makeup Kit

The Beauty Angel Makeup Kit from KkCenterHk comes in 4 palettes - blue, gold, green, and purple. The packaging of each palette is so cute! I love that it looks like a tiny book or a magazine. Any person would never guess there was a makeup palette inside! The packaging is made of cardboard but it is enclosed by a magnet to ensure that the booklet doesn't accidentally open. These palettes are especially great for people who are starting out in makeup because on the back of the front cover provides information on how to choose colors based on the types of look you're trying to achieve.

These shadows would work great when combining them with other shadows of different finishes especially because these colors offer such amazing frost and shimmer. Every eyeshadow in this palette is a frost and the blushes are matte. I had a little bit of difficulty swatching the peach colored blush because it was a bit drying so I wouldn't say it offered the greatest pigmentation. The pink blush on the other hand was smooth but a bit chalky.

The eyeshadows were also a bit powdery but it provides a nice sheer wash of shimmery color. I prefer to wear these colors alone or to mix and match them matte shadows. To get the best pigmentation on them I prefer to pack them on with a flat eyeshadow brush on top of a creamy base.

In the end I really like how these colors work alone but when I tried to blend them together it came out a little bit muddy. It was almost too easy to blend together! In the future I'm definitely going to incorporate maybe one or two eyeshadows in a look instead of it being entirely made from it. Hopefully I'll see a difference in how it works with other shadows.

Each palette runs for $14.50 USD.

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