Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Quick Post: Inspired EOTD

I did this look merely for fun because I wanted to step out of my comfort zone because it's been a while since I pulled off a bright color like this. I was really inspired by Fashionista804 on YouTube. I'm not sure what she used exactly but I just decided to use whatever shadows I had on hand. This was taken on my iPhone through the Instagram app (Follow me! Username: damnyoufine). The blue came out really bright and I almost didn't want to walk out my house with it on because it's just been so long since I've done something like this. But I thought that if other people were brave enough to do it then I should too. What better way to express my love for my makeup than to go bold, right? Anyway, I just thought I would share it here as well since I really like how it came out. :) Sorry I don't have any real pictures to show off this look. I really didn't plan on blogging about it.

Products Used:
Blanc Type on the entire lid
MAC Off the Radar pigment [LE] applied to the crease (any burnt orange color will work)
MAC Coppering eyeshadow applied right over the orange to give it more warmth
Urban Decay Electric eyeliner applied to the lower lash line and lower waterline
Inglot #371 matte eyeshadow applied on top of the liner to set it
Wet N Wild Creme Liner
False eyelashes from Style #004