Tuesday, May 26, 2009

LOOK: Using Eyepopping and Chrome Yellow

Thanks to those who voted on my poll. Looks like I'll be keeping this blog beauty related and I'll even throw in a couple personals on here as well. (: Maybe not too personal since I have a feeling my PARENTS read my blog. Yeah I totally just called them out but that's okay. Hehe. Hi mom & dad if you're reading this. ;P

For those who don't know, I passed all my classes this semester. Yay! (: I know I mentioned it on my Twitter and my Tumblr so I thought I'd share the celebration here on my blog. It's officially summer vacation (for the past week already) for me and it feels good to sleep in. Not that I ever had to wake up early anyway since I had afternoon classes but it feels nice waking up late and just laying there till I feel like getting up. Haha I know, I'm lazy!

But anyway, I haven't done a look in a while so I decided to play around with makeup. I realized I haven't done too many green looks that much so I figured now's the time to do that. I'm not sure if you would consider this appropriate to wear in public but why not!? Oh and the green shirt was a total coinsidence and I know it has a stain on it. Let's not point out the obvious k? Haha.

UDPP as a primary base
NYX Jumbo Eyeshadow Pencil in "Milk" all over the lid
MAC Eyepopping (LE) eyeshadow on inner corner and outer of eyelid
MAC Wondergrass (LE) eyeshadow on top of Eyepopping
MAC Chrome Yellow eyeshadow applied on middle eyelid
(** these colors were also applied to the lower lashline **)
MAC Cork eyeshadow blended above crease
a medium dark green blended into the crease (I used one from the CS56 Palette)
a dark green blended onto the outer corner (I used one from the CS88 Palette)
MAC Carbon eyeshadow blended on outer corner
MAC Nylon eyeshadow applied to browbone as highlight
K-Palette Tattoo eyeliner
MAC Smolder Eye Kohl on waterline
Ardell Lashes in "Lacies"

MAC Spaced Out blush (Neo Sci-Fi collection)

MAC Honeymoon l/s (Moonbathe collection)
MAC Crescent l/g (Moonbathe collection)