Friday, May 22, 2009

Victoria's Secret 10 for $25 sale

Heheheh I totally just posted my panties on the web. ;p

I went out to eat sushi with my girls last night and one of them had mentioned a 10 for $25 for undies at VS. I was like NO WAY! That's such a steal. Typically their prices range from around 3 for $30 or even 5 for $25. So I wasn't gonna pass this up. And you can never have too many panties! I was watching the lady scan the prices and the total would have been about $85. So compare that to $25... WOW, right!? Haha. Definitely worth it. So ladies, drop by your nearest VS. They're selling like hotcakes and they're only having this sale for as long as the undies last on the table. So once they're gone, that's it. So get em' while they're hot! (: Keep in mind this is for cotton panties that are on the table. (some may even be in the bins).

PS: This does not include PINK panties, bras, etc. Just the cotton panties that are labeled 10 for $25.