Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Target & CCO Haul

I have one more final left to go on Thursday. I have a final project due that day as well and I have yet to START on it. My professor assigned this project around March. Haha. I'm so bad. Anyway, I decided to go to CCO and Target today and I walked out with a little something I wasn't intended to buy. I wanted to go to CCO and buy some brushes but I guess the whole hype of beauty blogging and all these forums about MAC and what not, has gotten so mainstream that I'm assuming so many people go to CCO and they get to the goods before I can get my hands on them. Not to sound like a total biotch. But it sucks because when I don't want it, it's there in the store but when I come to finally buy it, they're completely sold out. It makes me sad. And the next closest CCO is about 45 minutes to an hour away. No thank you!

I had to drive further this time to go to Target because the one near my house is jacked up! They never have the stuff I'm looking for and it's a mess in there. I was also there to see if they still had the PiXi cosmetics 75% off sale but I guess not since they restocked and everything was full price. So I had to pass on that.

Anyway here is my recent CCO & Target haul:

MAC Blush in "Spaced Out" (Neo Sci-Fi collection) and "Feeling"
MAC brush roll ($36)

Sonia Kashuk "small eyeshadow brush" and "large crease brush"

Sonia Kashuk blending sponge